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  1. Ah, I see, thanks for clearing that up. So, if I get a different loader, say with support for DSM 6.2, I should be able to just swap the synoboot.img? And also, if my XPEnology box is somehow bricked, does that mean I should be able to just plug the disks into a 'real' Synology NAS?
  2. Hi, I've just got an XPEnology install up and running with Jun's loader under a Proxmox hypervisor. Everything seems to be working fine, persisting across reboots etc, but I'm just wondering where the DSM configuration data is stored? I have 4 SATA disks configured for direct passthrough and a RAID5 volume placed on them, and I boot the system using the synoboot.img from the loader. But where is all the DSM data stored? I can't see the synoboot.img changing and I don't know where else it would go.