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  1. i did use notepad++, and i did a fresh instal, but only shows 2 nics, i can bring nic3 and 4 up use shh, afther reboot the gone
  2. i tryed, but did't not help, i think 4 nics dont work on ds918+ did try on 3617 en all 4 nics work
  3. i have do that, but dsm shows only 2 ds 918+ has only 2 nics. i can nic 3 and 4 up with ssh, but afther reboot the gone
  4. I have an xpenology running with DS918+ and bootloader 1.04. I have a network card with 4 nics. But I can only use 2. When i check ifconfig I can see there are 4 eth(x) but only 2 get an IP In /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts I can see with files for eth0 and eth1. I tried to manual create eth2 but after a restart of the system this file is gone. Does anyone know how to activate eth2 and eth3?
  5. with dsm 6.1.7 it was write 112MB/s read 112 MB/s ( ds916+) now i use bootloader 1.03a2 and migrate it to a DS918+ speed write 60-70 MB/s read 110 MB/s, i try a other Nic
  6. i tryed wit the asrock j3455 itx, everything works fine, only the write speed is slow 60 mbs i did use 4 wd red 3TB
  7. bootloader 1.03a2 works fine with my asrock J3455, thnx to all
  8. Thanks to all how make this work