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  1. Storage Manage -> RAID Group -> DSM Help ( within my system) ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` I used this as a guide to Expand To expand the size of a RAID Group You can expand the size of a RAID Group by replacing existing hard disks with ones of larger size or by adding hard disks. Note: To expand a RAID Group with 3 TB or larger disks, make sure your RAID Group was created using DSM 3.0 or later. To expand a RAID Group by replacing existing hard disks with ones of
  2. My Volume is Raid 5, it was at 81% usage - right now it's expanding from 7 to 8x 4TB hard drives (84%@50Hrs) the UI appeared to show that raid 5 -> raid 6 was just as easy as expanding .. but I assumed this would need raid hardware I'm not command line nor technically savvy
  3. Can I change from Raid 5 to Raid 6 without any major issues? my system DS3615xs - DSM 6.1.7-15284 Update 3 hardware - i7 3770K/P8Z77-V pro (8 sata board)/8Gb ram with 1x LSI SAS 9201-8i 8x 4TB hard drives in raid 5 & 2x 250GB SSD's cache (at present 6 sata's go to MB & 4 sata's to LSI card) I wanted to add an extra (9th) 4TB HDD for the extra parity, but I've read somewhere that raid 6 needs to run off hardware raid & whereas raid 5 can run off software raid ?
  4. finally got the two 225 rpm fans (Hyperborea) up over 600 rpm by using bios, they exhaust top-back & back but had to put a diode & a splitter to slow up the two front intake fans (Gentle Typhoon), this got them down to about 900 rpms ambient is 21°C & HHD's 25°-27°C idle
  5. All went great .. the system is now a lot snappier only problem is noisier fans that will either work at about 225 rpm or 1550 rpm and nothing inbetween .. I'll look for a manual controller
  6. In the DSM's Control Panel / General / Thermal status .. it has always had a dot & normal highlighted in green, and hovering the mouse over it always shows 40 °C/ 104 °F .. doesn't matter if the CPU is idle or busy So is there any way to get any live or real temperature of the CPU etc? and would it show or indicate anything if the CPU or MB etc got hot or overheated?
  7. Thanks I used "usbview.exe" from Windows Kits Debugger for the VID & PID 1- Did a image backup of my Kingston Data Traveller bootloader with Alex's "USB Image Tool" 2- Mounted image with "OSFMount" 3- Only edited the VID & PID in the grub.cfg file using "Notepad++" 4- Burnt image backup to new Samsung Fit Plus 3.1 with "Win32 Disk Imager" Everything is working good I'm now swapping out the Q6600/GA-P35-DS3P/4 Gb ram for a very lightly used i7 3770K/P8Z77-V pro/8Gb ram the i5 4690/Asus Z97-K got taken by OMV
  8. Thanks .. I'm running DS3615xs Jun 1.02b loader; DSM 6.1.7-15284 update 3 I've been using a Kingston Data Traveller 3.0 for a few years now and I just want to have my boot loader on a different USB stick so I was just trying to work out how to or when to change the VID & PID ?
  9. I did a image back up with Alex's "USB Image Tool" .. to but can't work out how to change the vid/pid in the grub. is this done after Win32DiskImager? Also I couldn't do an image backup with Win32DiskImager?
  10. For anyone researching this the answer to my questions is YES I removed them from the M/B's sata connected them in any old order through the LSi SAS 9201-8i card They showed up fully working
  11. Is it okay if I disconnect these hdd's from the M/B's sata & use the LSI SAS 9201-8i instead ?
  12. Using the LSI SAS 9201-8i, the original hard drive order "0,1,2,3" wouldn't be the same is this going to work ?
  13. If I put all my 4Tb raid drives on the LSI 9201-8i & left the 2 cache ssd's on the motherboard would I get faster read & writes? Also how hot do these cards run at ? .. my infrared thermometer shows about 60°C on the heatsink on the underside of the card & about 48°C directly above it ? I might have to reseat the heatsink with new .. would arctic silver do, or should I use a thermal adhesive pad ?
  14. I didn't hit Ctrl C in time .. and it just loaded up showing LSI with the ssd that I connected on the way to login appears to work perfectly .. the extra ssd shows up, etc I don't need to hit Ctrl C on boot as it's a non-raid 9201-8i ?