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  1. Hi Gnoboot, i´ve been using 10.5 with DSM 5.0 for a few weeks now. (i even got one of those LSi 9211-8i cards for it) everything is working great aside from one small problem. I am currently using 3 disks (2x2TB and 1x1.5TB, the 2TB disks are connected to Sata 0 and 1 on the raidcard (i see this during POST when i start the esxi 5.5 host) Anyways, if i start with only the 2 2TB disks connected they appear as 1 and 2 in the webGUI, and if i insert the 1.5TB after booting DSM and letting everything finish the 3rd (1.5TB disk shows up as disk 3. But if i reboot the synology VM after that th
  2. You have to blacklist the boot image disk (ata_piix) using rmmod GRUB option. Put the following lines in your /boot/grub/menu_alpha.lst kernel /zImage rmmod=ata_piix,r8169,r8169_new I got my 9211-i8 now along with my 5bay backplate. Right now im booting from a 55MB vmdk-file, and i have 3 disks connected to my 9211-8i I added the paramterers you suggested and that removed 2 of the empty slots (making the disks i have connected to the raid controller disk 2,3,4 but the first "slot" is still marked as empty. is this fixable? (what more do i need to add to the rmmod?
  3. Thanks. This is what i wrote in the config on the 33mb volume (/boot/grub/menu_alpha.lst) but it does not seem to work. Could you write a quick sample lst file? im trying to make it a DS1813+ instead of DS3612xs timeout 5 default 0 fallback 1 title gnoboot-alpha root (hd0,0) kernel /zImage sn=D3LIN3849 model=DS1813+ title main menu configfile (hd0,0 /boot/grub/menu.lst
  4. So theres no way to hide unused disk "slots" in DSM?
  5. I'm using 9211-8i and it works (IR mode) for me on ESXi+vt-d. Are you using baremetal or vt-d? Doesn't show in DSM or doesn't detect the disk? Have you been able to get disks conected to the 9211-8i to start from Disk1-Disk8? Do i need to blacklist any other drivers to make sure theres no unused slots before the disks on the raid card? Also , Will flashing IT firmware instead of IR benifit in any way?
  6. You can do it this way. Same like the S/N. Alright thanks, but what file holds the configuration parameters?
  7. I bought this: ... 461af6dc92 LSI 9211-i8 Works fine with Gnoboot and DSM 5.0, flashed mine to IT-mode so I can use software-raid That looks like a great option! Do you use it with Gnoboot running on ESXi or do you have ESXi installed as the OS on your machine?, also does the disks you have connected show up as disk 1-8 in DSM or does it start at like, disk 5-12? (with disk bay 1-4 being "empty"
  8. Can someone suggest a reasonably priced (less than 110 euro) Raid card that will work with gnoboot and 4 Sata disks? a plus but not a requirement would be hotswap support so i dont have to open the VM down if i want to replace a failing disk.
  9. Im on 10.5 in ESXi 5.5 and im also looking to change the model (to DS412+) Could anyone point me in the right direction?
  10. The rr66x fail message is nothing to worry about iirc, its just the rocketraid driver can´t find a rocketraid raid card in your PC, thats why the driver fails to load. the other thing i can´t answer though.
  11. Thank you gnoboot for your work on this, im having a small problem. Im trying to run gnoboot on ESXi 5.5 with the sata-controller on the hosts motherboard passed through to the synology box. The motherboard is a Asrock z77 extreme4 with an i7 3770 cpu mounted. gnoboot works fine without the device passed through, but when i pass the AHCI controller to the synology VM it kernel panics during boot like this: , is Panther Point AHCI controller not supported? (Should i get a seperate raid card and pass that through instead? if so, will a LSI MegaRAID SAS 9240-4i SGL or a cheaper Sunwa