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  1. ZerOneX

    TerraMaster F2-220

    enjoy If you need a valid serial and mac addresses for DS918+, you will find it in one of the pictures in this article from
  2. Bonjour, Quels sont les numéros de série que nous devrions utiliser pour ds918 +? Je vous remercie.
  3. Hi guys, I am wondering if it is possible to buy official packages from synology store. I am interested in the exFAT package that costs 3.99 USD. I tried it yesterday but it did not work. Best regards, ZerO.
  4. ZerOneX

    exFAT from GitHub

    Hi @jensmander, did you test writing data to your HDD or just reading?? Thank you
  5. ZerOneX

    TerraMaster F2-220

    Guys, quick question for the ones that has the cable.... It is possible, through a BIOS setup, to change the USB port to boot the pendrive with the bootloader?
  6. ZerOneX

    TerraMaster F2-220

    Yes, we need a VGA cable! Gonna wait for a fix then... For now will continue on 6.1.7
  7. ZerOneX

    TerraMaster F2-220

    That is the problem... I do not have a spare hdd... gonna have to find one... Will do my best
  8. ZerOneX

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    thank you jun... gonna test it today
  9. ZerOneX

    Power button package

    Thank you very much hoppler
  10. ZerOneX

    TerraMaster F2-220

    Guys, anyone here tried to update to DSM 6.2 using JUN's LOADER 1.03? Tks
  11. ZerOneX

    TerraMaster F2-220

    Here everything worked flawless.... just used the correct VID/PID.....