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  1. Ignore my last comment i found where those options were to change the guest OS and network adapter eventually lol. But I'm starting to lose the will to live with this, as soon as i change the bootloader to the 1.03b or the 1.04b on my test VM i can't connect to it again, won't find it and neither will the synology assistant. Is there something else I'm missing?
  2. What are you guys using to edit the VM, VSphere?
  3. The network adapter could be my problem then, it's currently set to e1000 but i see no option to select e1000e anywhere. Having done a little reading it looks like it's a case of creating a new virtual NIC?
  4. Yep booted into the ESXI option. No I've not touched the grub file, is that a required step? If so how do i edit it?
  5. Ok so i set up another VM as a test for the upgrading process as suggested, don't know why i didn't think of this before lol! Anyway, i get the test VM all set up and running using the same config as my main Xpenology server, i do as suggested and replace the bootloader with the 1.03b loader in the datastore and power on the VM and now i can't find it using or access it using the IP address it was assigned. One thing i noticed was when booting up the VM the loading screen of the bootloader doesn't say "booting to kernel" anymore like it did on the older bootloader
  6. Have you managed to do this? If so how did it go? Seem's pretty straight forward. But what i want to know the most is how are people backing up all the data on their Xpenology servers first, cos if i mess this up i could lose TB's worth of data :(
  7. Hi all, I've been holding off upgrading to DSM 6.2 for a while due to lack of time to carry out the task but now I'm ready, the only issue is I'm a little confused on how to do it. I'm currently running DSM 6.1.7-15284 based on a DS3617xs which is running on my Dell PowerEdge R710 in ESXi 6.5 and from what I understand I need to use the new bootloader by Jun in order to carry out the upgrade but I don't understand how I can do that without creating a new virtual machine from scratch with the new bootloader, unless I'm being dumb and I'm missing something here? Also ho
  8. Yep connecting within the same LAN and the only setting I've changed within DSM is to enable FTP lol
  9. Yep got it all up and running nicely only problem I've found is transferring files to it via FTP, the uploads seem to keep pausing for about 10 seconds max and then continue and it keeps doing that until the file has finished uploading, is this a known problem or is there any way to fix it? I'm using the latest version of FileZilla as my FTP client.
  10. Brilliant, i just installed ESXi 6.5 on the R710 yesterday
  11. Quick question, do you happen to know which version of ESXi works best for XPEnology/DSM 6.XX?
  12. Ah ok thanks for pointing that out! I did think of running ESXi on it as well tbh so that sounds like the best option then
  13. Hey guys, I'm new to Xpenology and I'm thinking of buying a Dell Poweredge R710 server to run Windows Server 2016 off and a few VM's within that on Hyper-V, this is depending on whether i can get Windows Server 2016 to run as according to Dells documentation Windows Server 2016 isn't supported for the R710. So i was wondering if this is possible given the current set up listed above? TIA