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  1. Not a bios issue as the BIOS reports 16 & 4 GB just fine. I get that AMD CPUs are not officially supported. I'm just wondering if anyone else who has this board has the issues or work-arounds? I'm suspecting that the incorrect RAM may be the reason that the system sometimes crashes. FWIW, I'm running the DS3617XS profile.
  2. Running on Jun's loader v1.02b and have DSM 6.1.6-15266 Update 1 installed. I've only had two issues: 1) incorrect RAM is reported. I've had 2x8GB installed and DSM reported 32GB. When I switched to 1x4GB DSM reported 8GB 2) DSM randomly crashes in that I can no longer get into the DSM GUI via IP in the browser. Pinging the IP still works. I'm going to try SSH next if that happens.