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  1. Update on my issue. Actually, DSM storage manager see the new disk size ( created in ESXI). But I dont find the way to increase then the volume size. In the meantime I recreate a DSM VM from scratch and give it the largest disk size available.
  2. Thanks guys, The idea of having only one dsm exposed to the internet is a benefit I was not thinking of. I found on this forum a comment naming a MAC address to use and did. It works now. Thanks again
  3. Yes , fresh 3615XS 6.1.6 on ESXI 6.5.0 update 1 free. Didnt notice there was a vmware feature in the grub. So it is running without it and seems ok so far. I had issues with the 3617 (not appearing on ethernet). Phil
  4. Hi, I started my DSM VM (ESXI 6.1) with a esxi small disk2 (16G), so that I can easily export an OVF. Then I increased ESXI VMs disk2 to 2 tB. THe problem is that DSM volume doesnt increase . Is the volume not a dynamic one? Have I to install DSM only when the large disk size have been selected? Thank you Phil
  5. Hello everyone. Brand new on this forum and on playing with esxi. I set up jun's loader and get two DSM 6.1 running. Why two? I have a raid volume ( hardware, lsi) and want to secure there my pictures. Regarding music and films , I dont care much loosing it , so a simple volume would be ok. Not finding to do it with 1 DSM, I thought installing two, one with RAID volume and the other , the basic one. The problem is that I see on the net the first one installed, and the second one ( installed with OVF) doesnot show up . The MAC address for both is the same. I tried to enter a manual Mac one, but DSM replies error due to mac address being protected ( dont recall the specific message). What could I do? Would there be an alternative by using only one DSM; and the Hardware RAID? Thank you for any help or ideas. Phil