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  1. @bearcat Sorry for the miss understanding , integrated graphic card /dev/dri make me write pci my bad. I have the M93p Tiny running Openmediavault docker and KVM it performs well.
  2. OK I have the Tiny, I don't think is possible to add a pci graphic card in the Tiny.
  3. @bearcat Mine too . Passing the Integrated graphic card. Solve it another way. i m running Debian 10, using docker can pass the graphic card and have plex hw transcoding.
  4. I have installed plex in bare metal from the package center. Works great transcodes too.
  5. @bearcat Have test with 6 friends and transcoding different movies simultaneous 50%. Works well I will like to use it as a KVM. I manage to pass the pci card and it show in plex at transcodes but on the device it just spins I think plex is using the wrong transcoder. Unfortunately I don't know where to look. Any suggestions?
  6. I think I found the problem. Is the os i m using debian. Is i install plex direct it will not hw transcode. Running xpenology bare metal works.
  7. Manage to pass /dev/dri to KVM in plex shows hw but does not transcode. Just spinn. Must miss something in the KVM.
  8. Hi using a Lenovo M93p tiny. Installing 918+ bare metal I get /dev/dri and plex transcoding hw works great. Installing in the same maskin with debian 10 KVM Installing 918+ works but unable to get plex hw transcoding. Missing /dev/dri Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks
  9. Is there a way to pass the usb vid and pid ? Thanks
  10. Thanks för this great tutorial. One question . If use use SHR can I use the same command? Setting upp a new system , with 4 drives thinking using SHR. Thanks
  11. I m using zerotier https://www.zerotier.com take a look.
  12. Hi, Using xpenology with HP gen8, DSM6.1 Install Surveilance station, add a camera. It indicates recording but it does not record. Is there a solution to this? The same camera works on a original synology DS415play Thanks Fixed missed one setting
  13. Hi, I try to install Virtualbox , Getting one error when starting Virtualbox. PHP does not have the SOAP extension enabled. Could someone please point me how to archive this? Sorry solved change browser
  14. Hi tried 6.1 on VMware, runs fine. I tried the Surveillance station from the official synology. It installs and i can add two cameras. Problem is can t record , it says no storage, but I have 5GB free. I can take snapshots. Any ideas? Thanks
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