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  1. I just had to use a different toolchain. Now I Can compile kernel modules with the same magic number. But, I Cannot compile the r8168 module using the provided kernel sources. it says that: CC [M] /home/kstudio/build/synology/GPL/kernel/r8168-8.045.08/src/rtl_eeprom.o In file included from /home/kstudio/build/synology/GPL/kernel/r8168-8.045.08/src/rtl_eeprom.c:43:0: /home/kstudio/build/synology/GPL/kernel/r8168-8.045.08/src/r8168.h: In function 'eth_hw_addr_random': /home/kstudio/build/synology/GPL/kernel/r8168-8.045.08/src/r8168.h:42:9: error: implicit declaration of functi
  2. Hi, Well, I am a newbie here, and it is a bit off, so sorry for that. But I am looking for help with the DSM porting, and I thought this is the best place where I Can ask my questions. I have an ARMv5 NAS, and I decided to install the DSM-111's fw on it (6.1.5 extracted from the pat file). It boots up fine, and I Can see the Diskstation login: over serial console. But I have no NIC support. Maybe because the kernel doesn't support my RTL8168 NIC by default? I Could see these errors and informations in the console about the network: [ 10.950000] ERROR: