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  1. Thanks in advance, I hope someone can help me get my custom built XPEnology server back up. I've setup the unit about 2 years ago and have ran flawless. It's still on version 6.1 and I did not do any updates as i just use it for a local NAS. It recently had an issue with the PowerSupply unit and it shutoff. I installed new confirmed power supply unit. on boot it will show the "DS3615xs 6.1 Baremetal with Jun's Mod V1.02b" menu. once selected or auto selected after 3 seconds, it will go into boot into a default screen of "screen will stop updating shortly" and to look for disk station with "finds.synology.com". I do search and nothing shows up, i've installed Synology Assistant and nothing shows up. i've checked network cable and port on Xpenology box is blinking so I knwo there is network activity. Iv'e checked my router and it does not show any other devices on my network. One other thing is i don't see or hear any of the connected disks having much activity. usually when I restart the Xpenology server, once goes into the boot screen, there is quite a bit of disk activity. Any help is appreciated!!! Thank You!
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