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  1. Thank you very much! I had the same issue and your tutorial help me to resolve it ! And BTW, give me a better understanding of the raid operation. Only things I changed was the create command : sudo mdadm --create --force /dev/md4 --level=1 --metadata=1.2 --raid-devices=1 /dev/sde3 for a better understanding
  2. Done. I install another DSM 5.2 and test the migration (4 times to be sure everything is fine) and it's ok. For people who would like to do it : Stop the VM Change my IDE hard drive from 0:0 to 0:1 Download and extract synoboot_1.02b_ESXi_only Change in the vmdk ddb.adapterType to "ide" Add in DataStore : synoboot_1.02b_ESXi_only (synoboot.img and synoboot.vmdk) Add a hard drive, select synoboot.vmdk and set it to IDE 0:0 Restart the VM and follow the migration stop
  3. Hello folks, I have search on the forum and internet and I can't find an information on how to do it. There is some tutorial to do it without esxi but not with it. Currently, I don't have enough space on other disk to save everything and make a fresh install. So I would like to update without loosing any data. Does someone already did it ? For my understanding, I should select Jun's mod 1.02b vmdk file and start it as a primary drive. But will it update or overwrite the current xpenology? Thx, David