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  1. neooo

    HP MicroServer gen10

    i use DS3617xsis loader and works fine
  2. neooo

    HP MicroServer gen10

    i dont use 918+ its not ok.
  3. I users for my bare metal xpenology hp microserver gen10 SN from my old DS213J and works
  4. neooo

    HP MicroServer gen10

    yes is working 100%. You need vid and pid and copy the mac address. Yes virtual is also working Is not noisy. its ik. i have him in living room.
  5. neooo

    HP MicroServer gen10

    No . I saw now in bios that was already disabled.
  6. neooo

    HP MicroServer gen10

    So i installed Baremetal on my new HP Microserver gen10,. Amd opteron x3216 8GB Ram 4x 3tb Toshiba p300 hdd SSD CACHE 64GB I instaled xpenology with loader - Jun's v1.02b DS3617xsis for DSM 6.1 and it works perfectly. You just ned vid & pid and mac address from your network card. Its very fast and works great