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  1. Maybe I once had updated the Nas but it also didn't show up so it reinstalled the loader on my usb then the Nas says it needs to fix something. After that it worked I hope it will work for you
  2. mmmm what if you shutdown your xpenology and restart your modem/router. otherwise i dont know what happend. do you have any data on the nas?
  3. Try to find it on and Synology assistant on your pc or Mac. What do you use to see if your Nas is online. The ip?
  4. Try to reset the BIOS and save it then go back to the BIOS and reconfigure it Does the lan light flash or be on?
  5. Ah great. I hope it stays working after the 6.2 update when jun has managed to get a new loader working
  6. I thought the g was correct If you enabled it in the BIOS and DSM and have configured the app correctly then it should work right now. I also had to mess with is for a few days
  7. Well if you already have your Mac address the same then just use that Mac adress. With the one that dsm says I meant the local IP the machine got.
  8. hey. i have wake on lan on my xpenology box working. you just need to enable in the bios: poweron by pci/pcie or both if you have then also enable it in DSM i have an android Phone and use the app Wake On Lan in the app set the mac adress to the one dsm is saying not the one your network card has for the hostname/IP/Broadcastadress you will need to fill in your external ip. you can look that up on this website: for the port just use any port like 5000
  9. Thank you for the suggestion. If I find something I will let you know
  10. Okay thank you for all the information If I have time I will try it on my gaming pc I also read that I can install virtual box in Synology. Maybe that will work but I will search like what you said
  11. Hello. In new here and this is my first post and i didnt know under what category to put it. I am pretty familiar with DSM and SSH. So here is my question. I want to make a virtual machine of windows 10 with virtual machine manager but I want to game on that cm with a dedicated graphics card. Is that possible or do I need to tweak stuff. Thx for helping