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    Migration from DSM 5.2 to DSM 6 questions

    I bit the bullet, added my drives, installed and all went perfectly - well, so far from what I can tell! If I can do it, anyone can. This is way too easy! Thanks for the advice Polanskiman. Now have to just install all the packages I had previously, which is fine!!
  2. Very new to all this and am about to port from 5.2 to 6.1.5 (DSM_DS3615xs_15254 using Bootloader 1.02b ) on my Hp Gen8 1610T. Was set up for me by someone else before. I've read this thread thoroughly and am about to install afresh - I really need the Reverse Proxy settings available on v6! I'm using a fresh new USB for install and leaving my 5.2 DSM key on the shelf, just incase. My question is, I have 24TB's of Data on my NAS. I do not want to lose anything and am pulling those drives during install (does install need a storage drive? DSM runs on USB Right?!) After install, and plugging drives back in, can and will DSM recognise my stripped RAID from previous 5.2 build and just use it or do I have to completely backup 24TB's elsewhere (somehow) and reinstate the RAID from scratch? Drives will be put back in, in the correct order (obviously).