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    slow transfer speeds

    I've found one 250GB HDD in one of my draws and poped that one in, directly on the motherboard. set it up in DSM and transfer above 90MB/s up and down. I've modified the raid to pair 2 drives and make 2 groups and made a raid 10. transfer speeds again FINE. I've wanted to try your point 2 but my lack of knowledge could not find how to set it up like that.
  2. Canishu

    slow transfer speeds

    just done another test: transferring FROM nas to my PC speed is fine +90 MB/s. transferring TO the nas same thing as before. first 1.5 GB fine than speed drops to below 15MB/s. I'll try tomorrow to play with the RAID array to see if it makes any difference.
  3. Canishu

    slow transfer speeds

    this is a server I've got from eBay: I3 3220, 8gb DDR3 ram, a raid card, 4 HDD of 2TB in raid 5 (card cannot do raid 6) raid is set up from raid card and not from DSM. I've followed this tutorial I've installed DS3615xs 6.1 Jun's Mod. yesterday I had installed on it freenas11 and tested transfer and got a constantly 80MB/s transfer (actually 113MB/s when sending the data from my PC's SSD hard) of the exact same 7.5 GB file.
  4. Canishu

    slow transfer speeds

    hi, I've just started with Xpenology. I have instaled 6.1 on a server I've got from ebay. my issue is at the moment transfer speed. a 7GB file, first 1-1.5 GB of it transfer at 80-90 MB/s the rest drops to 10-15 MB/s. any advice, please. New Bitmap Image.bmp