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  1. 3rd notebook: name: thinkpad t410 eveything works good. So what's the problem with 1st and 2nd notebook?
  2. spec: 1st notebook: name: asus eee pc 1001ha BIOS: latest (1601) LAN driver: Atheros AR8132 Chipset: Intel 945GSE Express CPU: Intel atom N270 2nd notebook: name: latitude 2100 BIOS: some old - didnt upgrade LAN: intel Chipset: Intel 945GSE Express CPU: Intel atom N270 So... the only working configuration is nanoboot with dsm 5.0. But i need 5.1+ to use "DS File photo sync" app. 5.2 needs x64 cpu. 6.x versions stoping boot at "Screen will stop updating shortly..." I tried to: - update bios to latest - turn off additional devices - turn on/off NIC - put drivers into kernel - use 2nd notebook The diffrence between 1st and 2nd notebook at screen "Screen will stop updating shortly..." is: - 1st is not "talking" with router - 2nd is "talking" anyway both are not getting IP adress(dhcp enabled). Tried to run ubuntu live 12.04, 14.04 and 16.04 - network worked w/o problems. As i said - it works on dsm 5.0 perfectly but i want to have photos sync from my phone via LTE/wifi, so i need 5.1 + dsm. 5.2 worked find but only on VM's (virtual box, hyperv) Any ideas?