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  1. Bad new, i'm really tired of my many tries ... Not your fault You're really usefull and you take many time to understand and help me. Here some screenshot of i've done to flash my usb... Conclusion now : IZMA data is corrupt ... :/ And no out data on serie port. I've tried to write the synoboot, without any modification, but still not works :/
  2. Here sources of my downloaded data : Img :!BtFQ2DgC!JgomNP3X8V9EuwxL4TXbng!ZoFxDQgB Izma :
  3. What do you think about this export ? (I don't find modify button on this topic)
  4. Thanks for this, i didn't know that. Here the out of com1. I see 2 errors : - about izma - about mount issue. Com1_out.txt
  5. Thx for your quick answer & your precisions. Are you able to give me more informations about how can I get the log data ? I've tried to throught iLO but there is no information about loader ... Or i've missed something ... but I don't know what... About version, i've only used the 3615xs version, as it's this version who's already installed. thx.
  6. Hello guys, I'm coming after few hours, weeks to search why i'm not able to update my xpenology 5.2 For information the device is : HP Proliant Gen8 1610T I've tried many time to flash my usb drive, with & without the extra.irma ... My start is locked on : Starting kernel. But network seems to be off. My router doesn't display the device, with his IP. Synology Assistant is not able to see the new device ... I've tried to search the linux driver, without sucess. My NIC seems to be : HP Ethernet 1Gb 2-Port 332i Adapter. I've follow your advice by using cmd on my old dms (who's working) Can you give me advise, or confirm my action were good. And if it's possible, i've seen other users of Gen8 without issue but I don't know how did they do. Thx in advance.
  7. Bon après nouveau test, ça semble mieux avec le izma modifié... My Bad.
  8. Bonjour à tous, Je me suis enfin décidé à essayer de mettre à jour mon Gen8. Je constate que tu as su mettre à jour sans aucun soucis. Ce qui n'est pas mon cas, la préparation de la clé USB : RAS (je l'ai refaite 3fois) Par contre quand je lance le loader, j'ai ce message d'erreur : "izma data is corrupt" Et ça reste sur ça, sans aller plus loin. Du coup est que vous avez une idée sur la cause de cette erreur ? Merci d'avance à tous.