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  1. Thanks for your afford! You mean disable C1E? If yes i tried it, but still same .. I tried to enable/disable some another thing in bios, but withnout any success. So i did already about 100 reboot :D.... But its no problem, now i will stay with old DSM and maybe i will buy new motherboard or maybe original NAS from synology. But again big thanks for your help! Meybe next version of loader will work if it will be new version of loader sometime....
  2. thanks, i try it with GPT even with MBR but both doesnt work :(... So maybe this motherboard is not supported...?
  3. Polanskiman, i tried it again. I tried boot with my new usb flasdriver in my personal computer and it works normaly.... So it looks like that maybe motherboard what i have now in my xpenology (GIGABYTE GA-656P-S3) doesnt work with new loader...
  4. Dear Polanskiman, thanks for helping! Setup screens mean all info screen in video from begining till the end of this video. And video is till the end, the screen what you can see in the end of this video is final screen what i can see if i use new flashdisk (with new loader). But if i use old flashdriver with old loader and synology 5.2, booting works well. Because this i think that setup of usb as first drive is right in this machine. Maybe i need setup something else in bios. If you will be so nice, please see my bios setup in attachemet. Thanks for your time! Tom
  5. Hello all, for first thanks a lot for your hard work on xpenology, its awesom. I have problem with updating from 5.2 to 6.1.x. I have GIGABYTE GA-656P-S3 motherboard and Intel core i3-4130. I try to use Juns loader and genesis loader (MBR) but in both way i cant boot. Everything stop after all "setup" screens.. please check attached video. Can somebody help me? thanks a lot Tom IMG_4450.MOV