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  1. Thanks for getting back, but I tried both NIC ports during my testing. I also tried different config file versions where I added both NICs MAC addresses, and also versions with each MAC individually. I checked the VID/PID/MAC IDs as well, several times. I don’t like the idea of wiping my current data as I was trying to migrate, so I’ll keep testing other ideas first. I was using the SN from my current build, so I may try to generate a new one and try again after. Also, I noticed the disks weren’t spinning up like they usually do, so I’m thinking it may not be just the NIC drivers. I don't have a HDD in the SATA 0 slot due to it being an internal 1GB internal Disk On Module (DOM) that I removed. HDDs are in SATA 1-4 slots. Thanks for for the help again, I’ll test some more this weekend!
  2. Hello & Merry Christmas, I have been having troubles trying to get Jun's 1.02b loader working with my Thecus N5550. I've followed @Polanskiman guide here and added the additional drivers by @IG-88 here for good measure. I checked the NIC driver list, and 82574 is listed, however it doesn't list WG82574L (see system specs below). The grub boot menu appears, though I am unable to find the NAS in the sinology assistance app. Any help would be appreciated! It has the following specs: CPU: Intel Atom D2550 @ 1.86 GHz RAM: 2 GB DDR3 DIMM (upgraded to 8GB) Ethernet: Intel WG82574L (x2) USB 3.0: NEC D720200AF Audio: Realtek ALC262 2+2 HD Audio Codec SATA: Silicon Image SiI3132 SATALink PCI Express to 2-Port Serial ATA II Host Controller I/O: ITE8728F Super I/O Video: Chrontel CH7318 HDMI level shifter