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  1. @Polanskiman, thanks! I will go through this info. I realized that vid pid settings resolved my problem with error 13. It was not clear to me vid & pid should be updated. However speed of the network card is bad. Copy over SMB/CIFS is like 3MB/sec, so it looks like module for network card is needed - RTL8111. Thanks, Gabriel
  2. I am the owner of ASRock J4205-ITX - 16GB or RAM + 128GB SSD + 2x 3TB. I was unsuccessful with Jun's v1.02b and DS916. I boot successfully, however load of pat fails with error 13. So I am trying to build Xpenology for DSM918+ (Apollo lake). I found kref's scripts, downloaded kernel & toolchain published by Synology on Sourceforge, I overcame some obstacles. However generated image doesn't work for me. I tried to redirect console to tty0 by a kernel parameter - no success. I cannot even make kernel to be verbose on the serial port. I wonder what kind of mods are needed for kernel. I noticed a lot of mentions of modprobe and I can see there are synobios binaries in sancome's repo. I guess mod is needed for passing SN & macs and maybe USB vid pid, but I don't understand what is a trick with sid pid. Does it somehow hide USB drive for Synology? Are there somewhere mod patches for old linux, so I could be inspired for linux 4.4.x? Thanks! Gabriel