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  1. many thanks for that clear statement. just checked: return shipping of my components is possible. many thanks for all your support.
  2. i am ok with 916 loader if it works but using this i still only got 3 codecs activated. My cpu has 14 ! i was asking you as you are the only who answeres my questions here (many thanks for that) I read a lot and found many indicators looking like DS918+ (4.4 Linux, Instructionset extensions SSE4.1/4.2 , Kaby lake support) What is future of XPENOLOGY ? Will there be a support for Kaby lake and latest features ?
  3. @Polanskiman: sorry fo rmy persistenty but HW-Transcoding is most important feature for me and i still have no solution. Will there be a loader for DS918+ ?
  4. i like to have your review for my analysis for best CPU for 4K transcoding. My targets: as much as possible codecs via hardware transcoding, less costs (<80€) , best for future 4K usage During my analysis i checked latest Synology models (here: DS918+) using hardware transcoding (see overview table here: link) Also i added currently used by XPENOLOGY (here: DS916, DS3615, DS3617) And latest my choise; Pentium G4600 Overview DS918+ Intel Celeron J3455 (Appollo lake) DS916 Intel Pentium N3710 (Braswell) DS3615 Intel Core i3-4130
  5. no, it's valid (genuine) one can you please check if this is root cause for my topic ?
  6. hello all who are working on "kaby lake" or DS918+ Loader. you will be my heros if you make that happen soon As my NAS is still in status "waiting for Hardware transcoding support" i can work as an Beta-Tester if you want.
  7. if i understand right your i7 3770T has only one Hardware codec. Here comparism with the one i used i am going same "trial on error" for Hardware transcoding but up to now only got 3 codec's activated. I read all the posts releated to that topic but found only questions but no solutions. I looked to newest Synology Hardware (e.g. DS918+) which is able too but did not get an answer why there is no XPENOLOGY loader lake that. A valid serial number is needed. For check via
  8. again i have questions for Kaby Lake and transcoding: using XPENOLOGY 916 loader and install i see Linux 3.10 and braswell_916+ Synology DS918+ is nearest to my scenario using Linux 4.4 and Apollo Lakeöffentlicht/page6 Using 916 loader i came to a good result (many thanks to all developers) . All features are running but only minimal support for transcoding. But my CPU has more capabilities !!!!!!!!!!! Is there any change to reach same status as DS91
  9. klinke mich da mal ein. Weiss jemand, wie ich prüfen kann , ob transcoding funktioniert ? Habe überall transcoding eingeschaltet und keine Fehler. CPU-Last ist max 12% oder so (Pentium G4600) ob ich transcoding einschalte odr nicht. Gibt es ein Test-Szenario ?
  10. sorry , i am not an expert and already read what you have linked but not clear if DS3615xs (as you recommend) is right fo me. I want an stable software for my usecases and i am not able to understand all the topics. Also i don't like to install all my Photos , Movies again if i have to move later. So please help me What i found: CPU from DS3615XS is quite older than my one. I bought that CPU because is want to use all the new features -> for all the differences i like to know if it works Example: is DS3615XS able to work with H256 10bit ?
  11. now i tried again to configure LACP -> it works but i coult not see may nas afterwards. After som investigation i found that enabling of IGMP Snooping was the reason -> after disable it, i could see my nas using LACP, means 2 LAN But IGMP Snooping is needed to use Telekom-Entertain Can anybody help here to get both working ?
  12. still not clear which loader i need: a) want to use link aggregation as mobo has 2 LAN (alredy works with TL-SG2008 switch) -> do i need 2 Serial numbers as i have 2 Mac adresses ? b) want to use kaby lake transcoding engine in Pentium G4600 -> is 3615 image supporting that (anywhere i red some different notes) or is it better to go for 918 loader ? c) Do i need to register @Synology with both Mac Adresses to use Video station transcoding ? d) whats about linux kernel version (3.x or 4.x) : is one of both better for using transcoding or kaby lake ?
  13. i am happy to announce that problem was found: i am using Mobo with 2 LAN and i only gave one in grub.cfg but using the other.
  14. PC , NAS , TV are in Home network (same Gateway). From PC using Win Media Player i can see in Homenet two other Media Servers (one from FritzBox and one from TV which has feature of a own server) but not my NAS. From TV i can see 2 other Media Servers (one from FritzBox and ane from PC (win10 media server). Looking Videos and Pictures located @PC is working from TV using DLNA. From PC Ping is working to NAS and also My NAS was mounted to PC sucsessfully. There is no dsvideo app on my panasonic. Also i want to look pictures also. Is there anything todo to enable DLNA after intallation ? Is DL