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  1. Ciao, la virtualizzazione tramite supervisore diventa interessante solo quando si ha disponibile hardware di livello decisamente non desktop, e sopratutto quando si vuole rendere disponibili vari tipi di applicazioni... Nella realtà home/office credo cmq che sia più facile da gestire un server classico debian/ubuntu o centOS , corredato da un vmware player o virtualbox su cui farci girare la jun mod per dsm 6.x piuttosto che rendere le cose "difficili". Ricordo che esiste una HCL per il supervisore esxi, quindi non è possibile installare esxi ovunque come fareste con una qualunque distro linux. Attualmente stiamo testando una mobo per cpu xeon E5, 8 core fisici a 2.20ghz (16 logici che per la cronaca non vengono attivati nella build del xpenoboot per 3615xs che abbiamo provato, infatti sarebbe più indicata la relase 3617xs in questo caso, il dsm non si installa con error code 13 ) poi chipset x79 intel compatibile, no-brand, bios grezzo pre-oem. Con 16gb di ram ddr3 e vari controller.. per dire che questa può essere una configurazione base minimale per virtualizzare 4 o.s., ma poi è tutto da vedere, quando c'è il carico delle app, quali siano le reali prestazioni... cmq ho sotto mano una cpu che sputa 70.000 bogoMips, e mi piacerebbe rendermi conto del "limite" nei vari scenari. Sono convinto che vorreste fare altrettanto al mio posto Il discorso è molto articolato.. "Sleepin'late and smokin'tea"
  2. Nice, of course I still need to try 3617 build same you adviced me. And dsm 6.1 [emoji3] ouch! Many to try for nexts days, [emoji33] hope others in this community, get xfs.ko module to be useful , almost for fun!! "Sleepin'late and smokin'tea"
  3. Bad news , here a screenshot , when I try to load modules, the system refuse to do, with "invalid module format" error message. Anyway I go next and I installing ubuntu server , with plexmediaserver standalone. It's running much better than xpenology, also my xeon cpu works well and less load overall (I see htop shows me 16 cpu , about 60/70% load , htop on xpenology show only 8 cpu all at full load when playng plex transcoding stuff) So I think for my scenario is better leave the xfs disk as is, (mounting nfs disks directly onto somethings like ubuntu server) and put xpenology as guest virtualbox installation. This will save me to offloading my xfs disk, when I setting up all NFS export from host to guest then I'm fine enough. ( I hope) Yeah I'll need to test performance of this kind of setup and shares approach in next days. Well thank you again @IG-88 , anyway for your time , you are great guy Greetings from Dolomiti
  4. Thanks a lot! You are the man Tomorrow I'll try for get it work on my side. Also thank for your advice about my v2 cpu..! You open my mind today. (This It's fitted on no-branded mobo with ambigous H61, "Intel X79 compatible" chipset and 16gb of ddr3...untouched or customized A.M.I. bios) Anyway I need to do more test about this cpu and it's performance ... My other goal (after get dsm running with stuffs like dsAudio and others nice apps), is get plex working and transcoding/handling uhd media, I need to write about this in other thread, (what is the better way...maybe not xpenology?), urgh.. if better mind, for another standalone installation of plex across more familiar distro like debian, can allow me to do easy kernel adjustment but I'll need to trying all ways so far. Lol I'm under reading many basics concepts about how to work dsm , and thank you again for you writings , really useful to go foward. Also I think to try ESXi installation for better handling my resources, (big trouble lol) I post soon my results, stay tuned "Sleepin'late and smokin'tea"
  5. For now I'm fine on 3615 with xeon cpu e5 4620v2. (Big stuff) Also I try 916p mod but no boot... Inviato dal mio SM-G355H utilizzando Tapatalk
  6. You well explain about my question, so thank you for clarification! Well , I think too, better is leave as is the xpe/dsm disk partitions managing. For the truth, My four disk is not in raid, simply single xfs formatted drive for each one. As your advice, I think better choice is import my stuffs by external connection like usb 3 hdd controller , (I own one) and offload hdd with reinitializing one by one under dsm layout. Maybe take lot of time, but this is taked in account, when playin with this kind of stuffs. Yeah, really looks nice to see if xfs module can be loadable by xpenoboot, and if I manually mounting external xfs disk, then save me a bunch of time when make data transfer to the new dsm disk layout. So if I'm right understand, you can share this module for "testing" purpose? Well this also save me to messing with xpenoboot/dsm toolchain! Cool man. Inviato dal mio SM-G355H utilizzando Tapatalk
  7. Hi folks! I'm Babiz from Dolomiti. Working about IT consulence in my land, yes I'm a classic nerd Fan of technologi at all. I just to try awesome XPEnology stuffs. Very nice, I installed over my test pc (atom quad core@1.66ghz with 1gb of ram) It works very smooth and I'm happy to see it works. Now I ask for possible "integration" of XFS filesystem & XPEnology, because I have another OpenMediaVault nas with four 3tb hdd formatted under XFS and pretty near out of free space and I will to migrate without messing up my storage layout- So I found a "XFS how-to" explain to adding XFS module (for DS212) trought synology toolchain, link below: http://blog.azib.net/2011/12/how-to-use-xfs-on-synology-nas-device.html Well my question is if this is applicable to current XPEnoboot and at the end if I can mounting XFS volumes hassle-free. Because I'm newer to XPEnology world, I need anyone point me to any how-to links or proof of concept needed to make this magic lol. Thanks in advance for all guys will reply to me. Goodbye.
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