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  1. Hi there, I'm an It tech in France. Playing with a Microserver Gen 8 and Xpenology. Already read some tuto and did the installation 6 month ago.
  2. Hi, I have a big problem with my DSM. I have a switch who can take the LACP protocol So i decide to set up my switch, then set up my DSM. But after the configuration, i can't have any access to my DSM, my IP is unreachable, and Synology assistant can't find him I found out that the box of my provider see the NAS, but i don't have an Ip adress (like in the joint screen) So here is my question, how can i reset my IP configuration without the web access ? I know that on Syno you have a reset switch, but how can you do it with an Xpenology ? Or any other idea ? Here my system : Hp Microserver Gen 8 4 x 3 To HDD DSM 6.1 Thank you for your help