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  1. thank you I managed to set the port forwarding and it shows "normal" on the Xpe but I am not able to connect from internet with No-Ip . If I use Dlink DNS it becomes "error" . Did i miss some thing? I have not tried VPN. I am new to all these. Is there any place I can refer for ways to do port forwarding or VPN properly ? Thanks
  2. Hi, Nice getting to know you guys. I have made my old i3 4130 -PC into DS 3615xs And my router is DLink Dir-859. .Basically, I would like to access the files tru internet but if I can also use the applications it would be even better. Thank you
  3. Hi, I am Izii....i am new with NAS and what more NAS OS/Sytems. I found this xpe a good and interesting OS. I managed to install DSM 6.1.4 . I works well within LAN but I tried using internet but failed. Tried port fowarding a few times but doesnt work at all. I am really not good at it. Can anyone help me? Thanks