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  1. what else I tried, after installation failed I connected with telnet , user:root, password blank, and tried to make the installation manually with "sudo synoupgrade --download/ sudo synoupgrade --start" but didn't succeed.
  2. can you compare linuxrc.syno for example in ramdisk, I think is different in the hack loader, for example ETRONDriver line is removed, this part is also removed if [ $KERNEL_VCODE -ge $(KernelVersionCode "3.10") ]; then if [ "${ENABLE_ETRON_SSC}" == "yes" ]; then...... about modprobe if you pen it with a text editor you can see this, BOOT_IMAGE= loglevel= elevator= uevent vendor device resource irq class config DS916+ DS3615xs DS3617xs I have limited knowledge with linux but maybe my finding are helpfull. Can you share with me how you managed to compile the kernel with kref scripts? for kernel 3.10 is working but for kernel 4.4 was not working with output dir, I managed to compile it only inside source dir.
  3. If you manage to do this you are my hero. I have the same board. I tried it myself but still got the (13) error. what I also did, was to make a diff -u patch between jun's rd.gz and the synology one for 916 boot-loader to see what are the extra changes in the ramdisk. I am missing is the modprobe, did you use the one in jun's patch or you compiled a new one?
  4. you can see here how to check if you have a valid serial number (cat /usr/syno/etc/codec/activation.conf) https://sybdata.de/nas-builder/3749-2 try this one too https://synocommunity.com/package/ffmpeg I had the same problem but didn't investigate it too much, the same issue with plex, i was unable to make hw transcoding work. search on google synology ffmpeg with dts, there are couple of guys that explain how to make it work on different architectures.
  5. first you need a valid SN for hardware transcoding with video station, second have a look at this https://github.com/SynoCommunity/spksrc/issues/2939
  6. Hi, Maybe you need to modify the patch file also in the init.post area, but I'm not sure if that is used only for installation.