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  1. This is what I get with strings code %02x%02x %04x%04x %x %16llx 3lookup failed 0x%06x 0x%04x DRIVER=%s PCI_ID=%04X:%04X early_serial_setup update_console_cmdline ttyS 115200n8 ./H2OFFT-Lx64 usbcore usb_register_notify usb_unregister_notify 3%s: sg error synobios_model_init synobios 3device not supported 3aes alloc failed %ld /proc/cmdline 3%s: ret=%d %x %x %x %15s 3sscan error, ret = %d %04x:%02x:%02x.%d 3scg, ret = %d pci_seq_start pci_seq_next pci_seq_stop show_device /proc/bus/pci/devices hpbpd final_putname do_execve dmi_get_system_info rtc_cmos_read rtc_cmos_write syno_gpio safpd cmdline_proc_show vid= pid= syno_hw_version= elevator=__ sata_uid= sata_pcislot= alarm_day= alarm_weekdays= SasIdxMap= syno_port_thaw= gpio_to_desc syno_libata_index_get dev_attr_syno_port_thaw insn_get_length elevator_setup hspt insn_init gpio chip BOOT_IMAGE= loglevel= elevator= uevent vendor device resource class config DS916+ DS3615xs DS3617xs 0000 0010 80866f04 pcieport 0000 0012 80866f06 pcieport 0000 0018 80866f08 pcieport 0000 001a 80866f0a pcieport 0000 00f8 80868c54 lpc_ich 0000 00fb 80868c22 i801_smbus 0000 0600 1b4b1475 mv14xx 0000 0800 1b4b9235 ahci 0000 0900 80861533 igb 0000 0c00 80861533 igb 0000 0d00 80861533 igb 0000 0010 808622b1 i915 0000 00a0 808622b5 xhci_hcd 0000 00e0 808622c8 pcieport 0000 00e1 808622ca pcieport 0000 00fb 80862292 i801_smbus 0000 0100 80861539 igb 0000 0200 80861539 igb 0000 0300 1b4b9215 ahci 0000 0400 1b6f7023 etxhci_hcd 0000 0700 1b4b9235 ahci 0000 0900 1b4b9235 ahci 0000 0a00 1b4b9235 ahci 0x%016llx 0x%016llx 0x%016llx syno_libata_disk_map_table_gen license=GPL depends= vermagic=3.10.102 SMP mod_unload el000 GCC: (crosstool-NG 1.20.0) 4.9.3 20150311 (prerelease) GCC: (crosstool-NG 1.20.0) 4.9.3 20150311 (prerelease) .symtab .strtab .shstrtab .note.gnu.build-id .rela.text .rela.text.unlikely .rela.init.text .rela.exit.text .rela.rodata .rodata.str1.1 .rodata.str1.8 .modinfo .rela.data .rela.gnu.linkonce.this_module .bss .comment .note.GNU-stack dev_get_drvdata crypto_alloc_base memmove __this_module seq_release snprintf __kfifo_in scsi_bus_type cleanup_module kfree seq_lseek lookup_address path_put init_module crypto_destroy_tfm symbol_put_addr __symbol_get do_exit kallsyms_lookup_name mod_timer console_drivers strstr strncmp rtc_cmos_write strncpy rtc_cmos_read sysfs_create_group sscanf printk getname kern_path strcmp acpi_gbl_FADT jiffies sysfs_remove_group seq_read sprintf strsep seq_printf find_symbol single_release seq_open unregister_module_notifier kstrtoll register_module_notifier single_open __kfifo_out __kmalloc pci_bus_type GCC: (crosstool-NG 1.20.0) 4.9.3 20150311 (prerelease) .shstrtab .text .rodata .eh_frame .data .comment Hide
  2. I hope he can help us, or at least let us know if it's possible. Thanks everyone.
  3. this part? did you have the whole file readable? Upgrade by the uploaded patch %s fail. %s:%d Upgrade by the uploaded patch fail. AA OA OA OA VA rA rA VA rA HA rA ]A dA kA IsNeedRedirect CheckManualIPConfig recover.c %s:%d Mount %s on %s fail %s:%d recover %s by %s fail error_recover {"success": false, "data": {}, "errinfo": {"sec": "%s","key": "%s","line":%d}} %s:%d Set RTC fail error_download boot_damaged err_patch wizard error_model error_version error_apply_lock error_mkfs no_space error_upload ©A æ¨A æ¨A ߨA ߨA æ¨A ߨA ߨA Ó¨A 5©A 5©A ©A 5©A 5©A Ó¨A Ó¨A 5©A 5©A 5©A 5©A 5©A 5©A 5©A 5©A 5©A 5©A 5©A 5©A 5©A 5©A ù¨A 5©A 5©A 5©A ù¨A 5©A í¨A 5©A 5©A 5©A ̨A À¨A ©A 5©A 5©A 5©A 5©A 5©A 5©A )©A s
  4. what else I tried, after installation failed I connected with telnet , user:root, password blank, and tried to make the installation manually with "sudo synoupgrade --download/ sudo synoupgrade --start" but didn't succeed.
  5. can you compare linuxrc.syno for example in ramdisk, I think is different in the hack loader, for example ETRONDriver line is removed, this part is also removed if [ $KERNEL_VCODE -ge $(KernelVersionCode "3.10") ]; then if [ "${ENABLE_ETRON_SSC}" == "yes" ]; then...... about modprobe if you pen it with a text editor you can see this, BOOT_IMAGE= loglevel= elevator= uevent vendor device resource irq class config DS916+ DS3615xs DS3617xs I have limited knowledge with linux but maybe my finding are helpfull. Can you share with me how you managed to compile the kernel with kref scripts? for kernel 3.10 is working but for kernel 4.4 was not working with output dir, I managed to compile it only inside source dir.
  6. If you manage to do this you are my hero. I have the same board. I tried it myself but still got the (13) error. what I also did, was to make a diff -u patch between jun's rd.gz and the synology one for 916 boot-loader to see what are the extra changes in the ramdisk. I am missing is the modprobe, did you use the one in jun's patch or you compiled a new one?
  7. you can see here how to check if you have a valid serial number (cat /usr/syno/etc/codec/activation.conf) https://sybdata.de/nas-builder/3749-2 try this one too https://synocommunity.com/package/ffmpeg I had the same problem but didn't investigate it too much, the same issue with plex, i was unable to make hw transcoding work. search on google synology ffmpeg with dts, there are couple of guys that explain how to make it work on different architectures.
  8. first you need a valid SN for hardware transcoding with video station, second have a look at this https://github.com/SynoCommunity/spksrc/issues/2939
  9. Hi, Maybe you need to modify the patch file also in the init.post area, but I'm not sure if that is used only for installation.