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    Just want to comment for Syno DS918+ users (J3455 CPU with Quick Sync), that I seem to have HW Accelerated transcoding working within the standard Jellyfin docker image (version on the DS918+. I was able to accomplish this by running it in privileged mode (not everyone will be comfortable with this), which exposes the host's /dev directory, including the required renderD128 device in /dev/dri/. With that, you can select the "Video Acceleration API" option in Jellyfin's transcode settings page and also select the renderD128 device. I'm not sure if this is important, but I also chmod'd 777 on /dev/dri/renderD128, and installed the vainfo package along the way.

    I was able to accomplish it on my DS918+ using the linuserver.io image, it did not require running in privileged mode, and did not require the vainfo package. I mounted the /dev/dri/renderD128 device like the docs say (almost, they don't specify the renderD128 part but you need it), but it did require running sudo chmod 777 /dev/dri/renderD128 to get HW trancoding actually working. Like you I saw CPU usage drop from 98% to 25% for a single 1080p stream.

    Thanks for tips, hopefully it's a few less steps and a little more secure for other people finding this ticket!

    Maybe this can help...

  2. 25 minutes ago, ilgrank said:


    Just installed 1.04b and DSM 6.22 (latest, it was automatically downloaded) on an Asrock J4105-ITX

    Worked at first try, thanks!

    The only doubt I have is that after enabling SSH, I checked

     /dev/dri ->Folder does not exist
     cat /usr/syno/etc/codec/activation.conf ->File does not exist.


    I have used the MAC and S/N of a real DS918 btw, but my NIC S/N does not match the one in the config.. maybe this could be the problem?

    you had a previous install on the drive and you didn't format the disk, the boot arguments in dmesg shows DS918 SN?

  3. J4205-ITX DS918+ Jun's Mod V1.04b


    dd bs=1M count=1k if=/dev/zero of=/dev/null | md5sum
    d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e  -
    1024+0 records in
    1024+0 records out
    1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 0.164326 s, 6.5 GB/s

  4. hi,

    12 hours ago, pmchan said:

    So, if I understand well, Plex HW transcoding is working good when setting the bios like you did and kindly explained? 
    I can't get my Q1900-itx to boot headless, so I plugged in permanently an active hdmi to DP adapter and it doesn't cause reboot when transcoding like apollo lake. Did you managed to boot the J4205-itx headless or do you unplug the monitor cable after boot to get HW transcoding without instant crash?

    Both works for me, booting headless or unplug the monitor after you have everything set up. 


    I find it hard to recommend this board, generally I find it hard to get a consistent behavior out if it. currently I have gigabyte 1037u that is working 24/7 for 5 years no problem, this one I'm still testing.

    on J4205 hw transcoding still buffering in Videostation but In Plex seem to work ok . I'm currently checking why transfer rates are inconsistent sometimes.


    With all this said if you need hw transcoding or you try to get as close as possible to the real DS918, DS1019, DS619slim, apollo lake boards are your best bet. Maybe Gigabyte has a better implementation with GA-J3455N-D3H if you can find one.  

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  5. 50 minutes ago, hoidoi said:


    I have quit working with Loader 1.04b/DS918+ because of the really annoying performance and swiched back to 1.03b/DS3615xs. Now my geekbench results are 1921 / 3013 compared to poor 956 / 1396 before. Also copy speed to usb ist twice as fast. The last plus for DS918+, the NVMe Cache, didn't work, because my Samsung PM981 was not recognized by DSM (and also not on my Pentium G4400 test system). 


    @x01015918 i have spend some time with different bios settings and found no way to check if cpu boost is working at all. 

    ok.. I will test myself if performance improve on ds3615,

    I tested burst performance like this

    echo "0" > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/boost
    dd if=/dev/zero bs=1M count=1024 | md5sum
    echo "1" > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/boost
    dd if=/dev/zero bs=1M count=1024 | md5sum


  6. Hi,


    I was trying to test couple module parameters for i915 but they are not picked up if set in the grub.cfg as extra_args.

    I could do it this way but it's not persistent after reboot

    cd /lib/modules
    rmmod i915
    insmod i915.ko modeset=1

    Can anyone help me with a permanent solution?

  7. 3 hours ago, TeleDDim said:

    Транскогдинг не работает с оригинальным загрузчиком судя по всему из-за наличия на плате J4205-ITX конвертера MCDP2800.

    I will try and update the chip firmware this weekend.


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  8. VideoStation experience is bad for me also, but I don't use it. I don't think it's a matter of drivers anymore but codecs. VS is using their proprietary version of ffmpeg and in the older versions could sideload parts of 3rd party ffmpeg functions but no longer. 



    I can transcode 2 4k HEVC simultaneously with plex but VS is buffering on 1 1080p