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  1. DSM 6.1.6-15266 Update 1

    - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.1.6-15266 - Loader version and model: JUN'S LOADER v1.02b - DS3617xs - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: BAREMETAL - GA-EP45-UD3LR - Additional comments: NO REBOOT REQUIRED
  2. Autoload after boot stops working

    Yes, you are definitely right. I did not noticed, that I left the keyboard connected and a garbage laying on it. Many thanks you both!
  3. Autoload after boot stops working

    Dear IG-88, Im so stupid!!!! Thank you!!! I left connected keyboard after setting up summer time in BIOS. Im very sorry for waisting your time and skills for my imbecilic brain. Have a nice weekend and once more thank you Fire
  4. Im shutting down my device every night by schedule, and waking up by BIOS every evening. Device works well, but there is one "strange" change. For about 10 last days the loader needs to confirm starred start option by hitting enter on keyboard. Until then device starts with no need to confirm this option. I did no hardware changes. What si wrong and how to fix? Thanks
  5. Serial + MAC change

    I have got genuine serial + MAC from another/wrecked Synology device. Is it recomended to use it? If so, how to do that? Will there be any advantage? Thanks in advance.
  6. DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 5

    Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.1.4 15217 Update 4 - Loader version and model: Jun's Loader v1.02b - DS3617xs - Installation type: Baremetal (see signature) - Additional comments: Requires reboot
  7. How do I recover from a failed update?

    When I had simialr problem, I successfully made this with NO STORED DATA LOSS: 1) Disconnect all the drives 2) Run the jun's loader as reinstall 3) Find device by or Assistant - there were no drives in the system. 4) Leave browser's Synology page opened, do not shut down device. 5) Plug disks back in (no matter, if the machine supports hotswap or not) 6) After a few minutes repeatedly refresh Synology's page (see step 4) 7) After succesfuly loaded installation page reinstall system. Do not forget to check manual upgardes only. Notes: a) Stored files will be kept untouched, but apps, settings and other data will be removed. Settings can be restored via previously saved ones. b) If reinstallation crashes, reset your device and go through standard "1st time" instalation process. It should go now, because the OS's partition is formated allready by step 7) Note: This is not 100% my own know-how, but I do not remeber its source, sorry. I just modified it a bit. Note 2: Make sure, your HW is OK. I also tested NAS disks separately for their health. After that I tested functionality of HW with two another disks by fresh XPE install. Then I used proceeding mentioned above.
  8. DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 4

    - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.1.4 15217 - Update 2 - Loader version and model: Jun's Loader v1.02b - DS3617xs - Installation type: Baremetal (Intel P45 Express) - Additional comments: Requires reboot
  9. CPU/MB advices for new build please.

    Im running on UPS. It is so obvious, I forgot mention that. Thank you! I recomend to everyone, who is running any kind of RAID, to prefer UPS. I think, that ECC RAM is not important. I have many "server" PCs (cheaper, more economic for provident customers) with non ECC RAM for years. I do not remeber a problem which was caused by standard RAM. Of course, depends on RAM size. I recomend ECC, if RAM bigger than 32GB. For NAS with 4-6 HDDs is 8GB enough. I tested successfully for a few weeks also CPU onboard mini ITX mobo Gigabyte GA-J1900M-D3P (4 core Celeron). It was produced at 2016. Fanless design, minimal power requirements an quiet. I liked it very much, but my goal was NAS with12x 4TB HDDs (I had them). This mobo has only 2 SATA ports onboard, so the final solution will be more difficult. Thats why I swapped to GA-EP45-UD3LR with 6x onboard SATA. Im pretty sure, that for people, whos goal is not much more than 4 HDDs, will be GA-J1900M-D3P very good and economic option. Current products GIGABYTE J3455N-D3H (4x SATA + 1x PCI) or ASUS N3050I-C (2x SATA + 1x PCIe20) should be good candidates for silent design too...
  10. CPU/MB advices for new build please.

    As I said, no need to buy expensive hardware. Old comp, eqiuppied with good chipset, can also be a good choice. I also recomend to use a good power source - there is better idea to spent more money for model with 80+ effectivity and a longer warranty. If fails mobo, nothing happens to the disks mostly. If fails power source, it can be dangerous to them. BTW: Sorry, I made a mistake in my calculation. The mobo was swapped to Gigabyte at 2003, so its age is 14 years, not 18... But I think its also amazing, isnt it?
  11. CPU/MB advices for new build please.

    I can recomend long XPEnology life on old hardware with no problem. Currently running the latest 6.1.4 15217 upd 2 on DS3617xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b. I always recomend Gigabyte mobos with Intel chipsets for desktops for allmost 25 years of my IT work experience. Gigabyte is synonym for performance, reliability and long life. My oldest, still running comp with GB, works 24/7/365 for 18 years with Win98 - it controls an agriculture storage air-condition My HW : GA-EP45-UD3LR (7 years old, leaved by customer after his PC upgrade) Intel C2Q 16GB RAM 4x hot swap 4TB WDs RAID5 (RAID5 by DSM, not by mobos hardware), hot swap (Chieftec in my case) is not mandatory, but I found it very useful. Old components means less money