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  1. Thank you for your suggestion but would it not be more quicker to install a new XPEnology?
  2. Do you now how to replace the loader from 1.02a to 1.02b on ESXi ? Or do you recommend a new install?
  3. Hi ya all, I'm new to ESXi and XPEnology and mabe someone here can help me out with my problem. I have the problem that none of my harddisks are vissable in XPEnology Storage Manager. The SATA controller is setup as passthrough in ESXi 6.5 This is my setup: 2x Xeon L5640 @ 2.27GHz 64GB 1333MHz RAM 2x 250GB SanDisk NGFF SSD LSI SAS9201-16i 16-Port SAS/SATA controller (the card is set passthrough in ESXi) Software = ESXi 6.1 Update-1 XPEnology 6.1 DS3615xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02-alpha Is there something I have to do to make XPEnology recognise all de harddisks that are connected to the SATA controller? Could it be that it is driver related, however I have read that my SATA controller 9201-16i is compatible http://xpenology.me/compatible/ Any help on this is greatly appriciated. Thanks in advance!