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  1. the MAC is the from the pc, im using as a nas. Booted it with a windows-hdd to check connection ect. Works like a charm. Have the same pc running freenas now.. booted on the first install.. SO i really dont see why i cant get xpenology working.. think ill have another look tomorrow, getting sick of seeing it fail
  2. just tried 6.0.2 same thing.. Nothing to be found.. Guess im out of luck, and need to start looking for something else
  3. ok. Tried again, with the mac from this screen. Dinnt use the extra drivers this time.. Still nothing.. Im lost now!
  4. Just tried again. Took a usb - wiped it, formated it to ntfs. its a 2gb disk. changed vid/pid and sn in the grub file. Note sure what nic mac is and where to find it, so dinnt change that. Also used the updated drivers v.4, and im using the right image for 3615 flashed, and booted.. same problem.. it stops at the "Screen will stop updating", nothing else.. just a dot, and nothing else.. tested the ethernet with a windows boot, and it connects no problem. What am i doing wrong?
  5. Do i need to to something like this:
  6. Sorry I dinnt replayed faster.. The thing is, that i think it was the pc, so i changed it, but now I cant even load the kernel. It just stops after the "Screen will stop updating shortly" The PC im using is a Lenovo Thinkcenter Edge 72 The lan and usb should be supported, as fare as i can tell,
  7. Hi there guys.. I almost had it, and ready to throw my pc out of the window. Been running dsm 6.1 junes loader v1.02a and been pretty happy about it, two weeks about i wanted to update my loader to the v1.02b version. SO got a new usb and flashed the image with win32disk, just as i did the last time. Dinnt change anything, just as the last time. Booted up, and everything seemed fine, the synology assist finds the nas, but when i try to reinstall the nas, everything fails. It says it cant connect, but the nas shows up. If I put in my old usb, the same thing happens.. the nas shows up, but cant connect.. Pleas help, Regards Jan