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  1. Virtualbox and phpVirtualbox on XPEnology

    hello try with VirtualBox_x64_5.0.40-115130-1_6.1.4.spk 6.1.4).spk this one is ok for me and not with VirtualBox_x64_5.1.30-118389-1_(for 6.1.4).spk
  2. Installation sur DNS-320

    Bonjour alors avez vous réussi a faire quelque chose avec vos DNS320 ? je suis intéressé par la chose...
  3. WEB console

    Hello in DSM 4.3 there was an app "WebConsole" from MissileHugger we can find the package webconsole-0.2.6-2.spk on th app great install and start but "web page load with notfound" someone know if a new package existe or not to do the same things (it is a web console who can edit file system in DSM without VI) MissileHugger stop production
  4. Virtualbox and phpVirtualbox on XPEnology

    thanks thats better
  5. Virtualbox and phpVirtualbox on XPEnology

    Hello I had the same problem. Thanks to the link below the application is finally installed on DSM 6.1.4-15217 however, I now have the following error: Exception Object ( [message:protected] => Could not connect to host ( [string:Exception:private] => [code:protected] => 64 [file:protected] => /volume1/web/phpvirtualbox/endpoints/api.php [line:protected] => 134 [trace:Exception:private] => Array ( ) [previous:Exception:private] => can you help me