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  1. I agree, will go for a good quality psu and I'm also thinking of getting a back-up UPS. I generally like gigabyte, I had a 775 setup that I used a period of time then gave to my in-laws, they used it for years even survived when they had the renovations the mono was covered in dust that I could tell if it was a mobi or ask tray but still works. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I don't have any old hardwares laying around, so I have to buy new, or maybe I can scout for used HW. I was looking at SuperMicro because people are raving about them and they provide clear info on the chips being used. I want to use ECC RAM and have dual LAN so even looking at Gigabyte/ MSI / Asus the motherboard is also about 200. Would you say ECC rams are essential or does not matter that much for Xpenology? I know the lower end of synology are not ECC but their higher end models are. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Will a powerful CPU also reduce the RAID rebuild time? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I am narrowing down to Supermicro X11SSM or X11SSH-F, I don't really need IPMI but thought M2 connector could be useful in case I want to add SSD cache, and don't have to use up the SATA connectors. And for CPU I'm thinking E3 1235L v5, that supports Quick sync and is low power, but will have to go with ECC RAM. Will these be a good starter kit with less trouble on the DSM installations on drivers etc and keep relatively future proof for sometime (with ability to expend drives as well as RAM/CPU power upgrade)?
  5. Hello all, I've managed to fill both my DS214Play and Qnap 670Pro and it's now time for another NAS. I've considered the DS1817+ but for the amount of money I probably can get myself a decent spec'd Xpenology. I was thinking to start with 6-8 drives then with 2 PCIE slot for possible network adaptor and more drives upgrades. I'll use the NAS for storage mainly, should I go for a MB with embedded CPU or maybe MB that I can upgrade CPU just in case I want to play with VM etc in the future? I think even for storage only, I'll benefit from better CPU in case a failed drive and I have