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  1. Just wanted to post an update: I downloaded an official tailored Version of ESXi 6.5 provided by Dell/EMC for my Dell R230 and... took me about 5 minutes and Xpenology with loader v1.02b was up and running. For me it's really perfect, fast and reliable running DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 3 Thanks again to all of you!
  2. Ok, just wanted to inform you: I've given up! I tried every single available bootloader ( every one at first without and afterwards with the extra drivers pack), even with 3 different USB sticks... everytime the same result: booting ok but then Synology Web Assistant says "no disks" found! Tried all this on HDD, then SSD, first as Raid 0, then as Non-Raid disk... I took me nearly a day... So if anyone in the future reads this post and manages what didn't worked out for me: please let me know. Thank you!
  3. Ok, thank you! Tried this HBA mode, but sadly it didn't change anything... I'm thinking about going down the path which was suggest some posts earlier: create an Ubuntu USB boot stick, fire it up and if I'm able to install Ubuntu that way, I think the problem may be connected to a "missing drivers thingy" in my loader USB stick or so... I'm not a pro Keeping you informed! Thanks to everybody for your time and postings!
  4. Yes, ok, I've tried this before but just but just to be sure I did it again. So I setup my SSD as a non-raid drive and left it out of the virtual disk on purpose and with my HDD I created via iDRAC a virtual disk (as seen below). Virtual Disk as seen by iDRAC Reboot... and... noooooooo No disk found on DS3615XS
  5. Ok, kids are sleeping so here it's what I've tested with my Dell R230: BIOS reset Raid Controller reset formated the SSD and HDD changed BIOS Sata Mode and tested every setting: off, AHCi, RAID changed BIOS boot mode from "UEFI" to "Legacy Bios" and back set the SSD up via PERC controller: as "non-raid" , as "raid 0" (raid 1 not possible because SSD and HDD) set the HDD up via PERC controller: as "non-raid" , as "raid 0" (raid 1 not possible because SSD and HDD) set the HDD and later the SSD as boot drive tried every possible combination of the things mentioned above with a reboot went f... nuts because it didn't help The result was the same as before: I booted the machine, could see the bootloader screen, started the Synology Web Assistant "install page" in my browser and... no disks found Any help much appreciated, thank you
  6. Thanks for your ideas I'll try this and report back as soon as my kids are healthy again.
  7. Didn't know that. Very happy that it it is supported! Done that, but didn' change anything, still no harddisk recognized... I was thinking if i have done something wrong adding the extra ramdisk into the image? I followed your tutorial exactly ( with OSFMount mounting partition 0 and 1 of the *.img file, then in Windows explorer going to the mounted drive deleting the extra.lzma file, copying the new extra.lzma with the extra drivers V3 in instead and then dismounting both partitions and "burning" the altered image to my USB stick.) I hope I did it right this way but please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks!
  8. Thank you for asking and sorry if I've explained it wrong. No, I never got it working, so the machine is booting, and then I see this Synology Web Assistant "install page" (don't know how to call it) where it says "no harddisks found" so I can't move on to the next install point where you could chose whether to do a fresh install or a migration and so on. I'm stuck at "no harddisks found". Yes, I reflashed my USB drive for I think for 3 times and added the extra ramdisk, this went perfect. Thank you for you help!
  9. Hello and many thanks to all of you for your work on this project, forums etc. you're doing a great job! Thank you! Ok, here's what I've been trying for some weeks now, but after a lot of researching, reading and so on I really don't know the next step... Hardware: Dell Poweredge R230 Server, PERC H330 Raid Controller, 1x Samsung SSD EVO 850 Pro, 1x SAS DELL WD1004FBYZ 1TB, ... Bios, driver packages are all up to date (2017.11.20). Xpenology install: - Jun's official v1.02b for DS3615sx - Driver extension for jun 1.02b/3615xs/DSM6.1.3 Version 3 What I did: Following exactly every single step with this tutorial: Tutorial I also integrated the driver extension pack V3 as described here: Driver Extension Pack Version 3 Everything worked perfectly (thanks to the authors!) and for weeks I've been able to boot the Dell R230 successfully! The machine is booting, I go to the IP of the booted machine, then I see the DSM assistent page informing me that no disks were found... Speaking about the Dell Perc H330 raid controller I believe I've tried everything: I configured both disks individually (SSD and SAS) in passthrough mode (Non-Raid mode), in Raid 0 Mode, I initialised them, I didn't initialised them, formated them and so on and on... every possible combination was tested. After hundreds of reboots, setups and so on one thing stays the same: no disk are seen when I move over to the Synology assitents install page... Every idea on how to solve this is very much appreciated! Thank you very much in advance!