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  1. I managed to unstall the 6.2 23739, but what should I do with the critical updates ? Which ones do you need to install ? Thanks a lot!
  2. I have a Xpenology DSM 6 running on Proxmox successfully for several months now, and I am testing emergency scenario's such as how to recover the data in case something goes very bad. The system has 2 X 8TB disks that I have mirrored with mdadm in a plain debian prior to installing Proxmox. I don't have any spare disks that I can "passthrough" to Xpenology. At this moment I am testing different storage types, and trying to mount them on other linux VM's in case something goes wrong. What works well is a SATA disk on the local storage with a QCOW2 image, I can mount that on another VM and read the data. But when using a SATA disk as an image, I can see that there is an LVM created for that storage, but I cannot get to that data unfortunally. Any idea ? Charles.