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  1. Hello, anny update for this thread or other sollution for N3150 boost ? DSM 6.1.6 here, i didnt update to 6.2
  2. neverming... solved my problem. in GRUB was booting for esxi automatic solved.
  3. Helo there, i'm new here because i have a problem with my Asrock Q1900B-ITX (2 sata ports model) - i cant find what module sata controler do i have and i think that's the problem. http://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/Q1900B-ITX/ Before this HW (on the old one AMD FM1) i've got no problem running DMS 6+ I can't install DSM, i get this 2 errors: On DMS6.1 - failded to install the file. the file is probably corupted. (13) On DSM6.0.2 - We've detected errors on the hard drives (2), and the SATA ports have also been disable. Please shut down your DS3615xs to replace or remove the hard drives and try again I've tried all in the tutorials and nothing works. Some advices please?