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  1. Ikyo

    Open-vm-tools v9.4.6 for XPEnology

    I downloaded the version that I found and it works for 6.2. I must have had an older version. Thank you for updating it.
  2. Ikyo

    Open-vm-tools v9.4.6 for XPEnology

    DO you have a direct link to the one that I should be using? The one I tried had an error and had to uninstall it.
  3. Ikyo

    Open-vm-tools v9.4.6 for XPEnology

    Are you going to build a version for 6.2?
  4. If anyone finds a working version of VMWare Tools let me know. My old version errored out when I upgraded to 6.2
  5. Have you found a working version of VMwaretools?
  6. Ikyo

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    I haven't tried this yet, but I am going to guess you need to update the GRUB configuration to have the correct MAC1 address to match the ESXI configuration.
  7. Ikyo

    Progress of 6.2 loader

    What CPU do you have on this? I am sure it is going to make the difference. I tried to setup a machine exactly like that, but wouldn't boot because of the processor.
  8. Ikyo

    Progress of 6.2 loader

    I have actually gotten the NIC to show up on my switch, but it didn't get an IP address. To get it to show up I switched from BIOS to EFI in the VMWare loader. I am wondering if I am seeing the NIC register because of the way it is handled with EFI.
  9. Ikyo

    Progress of 6.2 loader

    It is using one of the internal Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet BCM5720 NICs and ESXI is emulating an e1000e. I will go back and try the VMXNET3.
  10. Ikyo

    Progress of 6.2 loader

    Unable to discover it and not showing on my network. I have tried both the baremetal and VMware options from the Grub loader. Processor: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2665 0 @ 2.40GHz ESXI Version: 6.7 Host Config: SATA Controller e1000e Network Card 50mb boot (SATA0) 16gb test drive (SATA1) I attempted to set the mac address in the GRUB loader with the set command to match the interface. That did not work. I am willing to try different options if people have suggestions.
  11. I had some issues with it and went back to ESXI.
  12. Ikyo


    I do agree that it sucks, but I am glad to know it wasn't me doing something wrong In your opiniion, could I run the R710 as an iSCSI data store for VMs and be okay with the 1Gb limitation or do I need to look at other options? I am upgrading to a Dell R720, but it uses 2.5" drives. So for me to rebuild the array, it would be pretty costly. I was looking at like Open-E, but I am not sure it will do any better.
  13. Ikyo


    I have a couple of datashares setup on a bare metal install (Dell R710). I have the H700 raid array controlling the 6 2 TB drives. They are in a RAID 5 configuration. I have 3 nics on both the ESXI server and the Synology box (all Gig-E). I can see it splitting the traffic between the 3 NICS, but the speed doesn't go up. It seems to max out at the same amount 1 NIC would be. Do I have something configured wrong or is this the best I will be able to do?
  14. I ended up going to 3615 over 3617. I also used your version 3.2 file.
  15. I was able to track down the 3.2 driver package and loaded it. When I try to install Xpenology, I keep getting error 13 no matter what I try. I have tried a couple USB drives and still no luck. It is always saying that it is trying to migrate. I am not sure why it thinks it can migrate when I complete redo the USB. I am thinking it is trying to install on the raid controller possibly or maybe the SATA SSD that I had in the system. Anyone that has a R710 and bare bones working, please let me know.