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      DSM 6.2-23739 - WARNING   05/23/2018

      This is a MAJOR update of DSM. DO NOT UPDATE TO DSM 6.2 with Jun's loader 1.02b or earlier. Your box will be bricked.  You have been warned.   https://www.synology.com/en-global/releaseNote/DS3615xs
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  1. I had some issues with it and went back to ESXI.

    I do agree that it sucks, but I am glad to know it wasn't me doing something wrong In your opiniion, could I run the R710 as an iSCSI data store for VMs and be okay with the 1Gb limitation or do I need to look at other options? I am upgrading to a Dell R720, but it uses 2.5" drives. So for me to rebuild the array, it would be pretty costly. I was looking at like Open-E, but I am not sure it will do any better.

    I have a couple of datashares setup on a bare metal install (Dell R710). I have the H700 raid array controlling the 6 2 TB drives. They are in a RAID 5 configuration. I have 3 nics on both the ESXI server and the Synology box (all Gig-E). I can see it splitting the traffic between the 3 NICS, but the speed doesn't go up. It seems to max out at the same amount 1 NIC would be. Do I have something configured wrong or is this the best I will be able to do?
  4. I ended up going to 3615 over 3617. I also used your version 3.2 file.
  5. I was able to track down the 3.2 driver package and loaded it. When I try to install Xpenology, I keep getting error 13 no matter what I try. I have tried a couple USB drives and still no luck. It is always saying that it is trying to migrate. I am not sure why it thinks it can migrate when I complete redo the USB. I am thinking it is trying to install on the raid controller possibly or maybe the SATA SSD that I had in the system. Anyone that has a R710 and bare bones working, please let me know.
  6. I am attempting to install Xpenology on one of my R710s as a baremetal install. I had it installed on VMWare with no problems, but this is being a little more problematic. Everything appears to boot okay, but I don't believe it has the NIC drivers. I am also seeing that the extra RAM disk is currently removed. I am using Juns 1.02b loader for the 3617xs. What options do I have to get this up and running?