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  1. Hello, I have ASrock N3700-ITX system with 3x8 WD RED and DSM 5.2-5967 installed. I have bought a 4th WD RED 8TB, in order to backup my files and also be able to access them on standard Windows PC. Initially i used an ICY-Box USB3.0 Dock to connect the new HDD to my laptop and format it to NTFS-GPT. I then connected it to one of my USB3.0 ports of XPenology, but did not show up. I thought maybe incompatibility of ASmedia controller of USB3.0 Dock used. Then i tried to connect the new HDD internally via free Sata connector of ASrock N
  2. There is a tutorial for migration from 5.2 to 6.1.x, here. First post (the tutorial), first paragraph (red letters) , last sentence, has a link for you: "To upgrade from DSM 6.02 to DSM 6.1 read here."
  3. Have you tried to change the cable of this drive ?
  4. Have you tried to change the cable of this drive ?
  5. Hello, Thread necro maybe, but i have successfully used this guide to install ipkg on my 5.2-5967.1 Xpenology. The only thing i omitted was the rc.local file addition of "mount -o bind /volume1/@optware /opt" line and still i can use ipkg after each reboot. Is there any particular reason for that ? How necessary is this step ?
  6. Maybe mine has different due to being v1.01? The chip sits beside the ASmedia 1061,right below the model name, correct (see photo)? Same in Hardwaresecrets review here Same chip exists on the web photo i found for the J3710.What is the case then?
  7. Both the ASRock N3700-ITX and J3710-ITX have the Nuvoton NCT5573D I/O. I hope that this is included also
  8. If i remember correclty, i read a post from user Arcao, saying that Intel P-states will be supported in a next Xpenoboot release. I have the same board and i feel that it would be useful to have this feature enabled. EDIT: I also found Trantor's post here verifying the same thing
  9. WOL and HDD Hibernation also work for me (ASRock N3700-ITX). Problem is that CPU does not work in Overboost speed & does not lower frequency when idle. EDIT: As for the second matter, i resolved by applying CPU Throttle Script from this tutorial
  10. Hello, First post here!!! i have the following question : According to webnews, Synology had presented the DS714 NAS with HDMI last March, which never came to production. Since other companies have come with HDMI solutions on their NAS products and Synology recently released DSM 5.0, i was wondering that maybe they added an HDMI support option in the software that they may use with soon to be released products. Is there any such option, or something in the source code that may suggest that it is HDMI-out ready ? Thank you in advance for your replies! Cheers!