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  1. The DB in Postgresql is mediaserver, but no smart playlist and m3u playlist in DB, they are saved in file system I listed above
  2. I found it: /usr/syno/etc/preference/user/playlists/smart.playlist
  3. I searched the system partition still nothing found
  4. Each time updated DSM failed, the smart playlist lost, I have to recreate again and again. I searched filesystem of system partition, also searched mediaserver database, nothing help found. Anybody know it? Thanks.
  5. You need download next release and update manually.
  6. I moved VM to Virtualbox and network transfer speed up to 30M/s but still poor performance, also tested use a individual Intel network interface got the same speed. Any one has this problem?
  7. So much ... but what's your question? Do you want to mount old physical disk in VirtualBox or add new physical disk? If option 1, you can get help from my previous post, if option 2 I think it may also usefull, maybe you can try add partition in windows and use it online, then use virtualbox command create one vmdk and mount in VM
  8. You can save my times, thank you. I'll try it.
  9. /volume1/upload:)time dd if=/dev/zero of=test.dbf bs=1M count=1000 oflag=direct 1000+0 records in 1000+0 records out 1048576000 bytes (1.0 GB) copied, 7.8025 s, 134 MB/s real 0m7.815s user 0m0.003s sys 0m1.701s /volume1/upload:)dd if=test.dbf bs=1M count=1000 of=/dev/null 1000+0 records in 1000+0 records out 1048576000 bytes (1.0 GB) copied, 8.19534 s, 128 MB/s I used dd to test disk IO, should I look at the network interface problem?
  10. I used J3455 which is similar as yours in physical machine and tested speed about 100MB/s
  11. I use VMWare Workstation 12 on Windows 10, I can see network interface is 1Gbps in DSM which installed in VM. But it's very slow copy file between host machine and DSM, about 20MB/s~30MB/s, I use bridge network. Any one have this issue? Thanks.
  12. I think Proxmox is very similar as ESXI If I use Proxmox, I'd like use as run multi VMs, because I fix the problem about mount old DSM disk in VMW on Windows So maybe I can use Proxmox after repalce current mother board
  13. Yes I understand and thank you, I'll have a look at that mother board What do you mean add one line to ESXI VM set?
  14. I found the problem 1. Do not offline disk if not use pass through mode 2. Must the same DSM version as physical machine 3. Just repair system partition then can access physical disk in VM 4. I mount SCSI device as use whole partition not tried use disk If VMW got error msg just continue then the error won't happen again
  15. J3455 with enbeded CPU and integrated graph card not support pass through in esxi which i want two os running on it
  16. Yes, I'm reading this tutorial. Do you mean use Proxmox VE install Ubuntu and DSM as two system, or use Ubuntu to install Proxmox? I didn't find any more details about Proxmox running on Ubuntu.
  17. Thank you for you suggestion. Is Proxmox can read my old data disk which installed DSM?
  18. I have one ITX box and two SO-DIMM rams on J3455 but J3455 graph card not support pass-through in ESXI I'm searching ITX board and graph card with these features: 1. ITX board with 2 SO-DIMM slot, 4 SATA slot, 1 PCI-E 16x slot, support VT-D, support USB & SATA pass-through on ESXI 2. graph card support pass-through on ESXI I'm not sure whether ASROCK H110M-ITX can do so and it have 2 DIMM slot. Is that possible? Thanks.
  19. OK, I give up Seems DSM 6.x is impossible work in Hyper-V in the future.
  20. I found Hyper-V 2016 support PCI-E pass through Is that possible pass through USB device on PCIE bus to boot DSM on physical disk? I want to try it but may be some one else already tried If work can solve DSM 6.1.x can't work on HV I think.
  21. Any update here? I'm also waiting for work loader for DSM 6 on Hyper-V
  22. My graphic card do not support passthrough mode in ESXI so I have to use W10 as host system And I also want to use DSM 6 so I couldn't use Hyper-V I'll research passthrough mode in VMW 12 Yes I understand that DSM need boot disk partition, my VM has two disk one use XPE boot loader and I want it boot my physical disk which already installed DSM system, that's why I need attatch this physical disk to VM. But if I can use as data disk is also an acceptable option.
  23. I installed DSM on a physical machine and now I want to migrate to new VM on Windows 10 with VM Workstation 12 The DSM install successfully and I tried offline old DSM physical disk in Windows also tried run VM as administrator But got error: Operation failed on \\.\PhysicalDIsk1 and the DSM boot failed The physical disk was installed DSM and have many data files, total size is 3TB How to fix it Also tried use whole disk or partition got the same Is it possible boot DSM from the physical disk, because I installed one on it
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