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  1. Hi Guys, I think the USB v3 vs USB v2 was the problem. I burned the IMG on the same sticks but using a USB v2 port and I can now boot from it.
  2. Hi, I will try LinuxLive USB Creator and maybe a USB v2 port ... maybe something weird with the writing to USB v3 port ?? Will try when I get home and report on my result. Thanks again for your quick replies.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I am not concerned about seeing the USB drive contents, but wanted to bring that up. The issue is that any of the USB drives I tried, do not boot up. Some of the USB drives are vendor/tradeshow giveaway 2GB drives and 1 is a 8gb Kingston Datatraveller G3
  4. Hi, I would love to run XPEnology on my existing Citrix XenServer as a virtual image using new 4TB drives. Has anyone tried it and was it successful? Thanks.
  5. Hello everyone, Excited to try this product, however I am having the following problem which does not let me even get me going. When I burn the .IMG file to a USB drive (tried 4 different ones) on my Lenovo T430 Windows 7x64 , USBv3 Tried to boot up on 2 desktops (AMD Opteron 170 2ghz & Intel Q6600 2.4ghz quad core) But both systems do NOT see the USB drive. One of those 2 desktops above is currently running FreeNAS and boots from a similar USB drive. One thing that might also help diagnose is that when I burn the .IMG file to the USB, the USB is no longer visible