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  1. I suppose you are right, in the Storage Manager overview it says that slots 1,2 and 5 are occupied. On the board it would be 1,2 and 3 (out of a total number of 4 connectors)
  2. I was too lazy so I just tried different portmap settings. Tried 21, 221, 23 and 32. On the last try it worked so 23 was the winning number. Thank you so much for your help, really appreciate it!
  3. At the moment I haven't even created a volume yet, just installed the software. So all good for testing then? If so, is there any other combination than 23 and 32 I should try? So far I've only tried with 21, which resulted in two of the three drives showing (those connected to the Sata3 ports).
  4. Thanks, I need to get ahold of a drive I'm not using first. On the other hand, coulnd't I just try different sataportmap settings until it shows up?
  5. I am having the same problem with another H61 board. Did you manage to solve it with sbv3000 suggestions?
  6. It's a fresh install and I'm using an Asus H81I-Plus.
  7. Well, I tried not changing the sataportmap with the 6.0 tutorial but would then end up at the "We've detected errors on the hard drives" message and had to try the Force install. Since this option doesn't exist in the 6.1 loader I decided to try changing sataportmap right off the bat.
  8. Finally got this to work, thank you!! Allthough I think I used "append SataPortMap" wrong. I have two SATA2 ports and two SATA3 ports where two drives are connected to the SATA3 and one connected to SATA2. I though that it would mean that I have two controllers and tried with append SataPortMap=21, but I just find two harddrives in DSM. Could it be that I should use append SataPortMap=3?
  9. Not yet, I have cleaned the drives and am now doing another try with the new 6.1 tutorial. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the concern!
  10. I tried that too but got the same problem that it doesn’t continue after the countdown. If I do another search it still finds the unit but with the same ”recoverable” status.
  11. Can't believe I didn't think to check for a BIOS update. Thank you, that made the boot work! Now onto to next problem, after I try the Force install (I get the "detected errors" message) the installation won't find the NAS no more. I have tried switching to the normal boot when it restarts and I have tried keeping it on Force install but still the same issue. The countdown goes down to 0 and I get an error message. If I go back to I can still connect to it and if I have it in Force install boot it says something about "Recreate", instead of "Install". If I
  12. Okey, so I tried installing Linux Mint and that booted just fine with the USB stick. So it must have something to do with the combination of the software and the motherboard/cpu. Forgive my lack of knowlegde but the hardware support comes from the extra.izma file, correct? Is there a list that I have missed of what hardware is supported?
  13. Just tried with a new USB stick (16GB Kingston) and exact same resault with the black screen and jumping cursor before ending up att BIOS again.. Could it be a compatibility issue with the motherboard? Any Hail Marys out there?
  14. I have now tried everything, tried with all three partitions as priority nr1, tried different USB ports (both 2.0 and 3.0), and compared the BIOS settings with the working computer (both ASUS MB). The last thing I can think of is trying a different USB flashdrive and see if it works better. Other then that, I'm stuck!