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  1. Any news on getting VMXNET3 working on 6.2.2 and above? I want to upgrade, but don't want to lose 10G networking, and my switches don't have enough ports for me to do an additional passthrough card
  2. Mine is setup as a DS3615xs on Jun 1.03b with just a few tweaks to the iso and I'm stuck on 6.2-23739 as I need the VMXNET3 network card support.
  3. synoboot.vmdk just point the VM boot process to synoboot.img where you actually have some real data you can mount synoboot.img and modify it with serial number, mac adress, etc.
  4. Running XPEnology under ESXi is awesome. Sorry, I can't talk you out of it :) I have a whitebox running a Supermicro X9 board with Mellanox network cards and pass through a LSI2308 SAS controller to the XPEnology VM and it works perfectly for me. This is with SMB and 8 x 3TB drives in Raid 6... Running a 1000MB file write on W: 5 times... Iteration 1: 819.93 MB/sec Iteration 2: 657.03 MB/sec Iteration 3: 611.12 MB/sec Iteration 4: 616.80 MB/sec Iteration 5: 638.62 MB/sec ----------------------------- Average (W): 668.70 MB/sec ----------------------------- Running a 1000MB file read on W: 5 times... Iteration 1: 1076.32 MB/sec Iteration 2: 1391.45 MB/sec Iteration 3: 1446.50 MB/sec Iteration 4: 1477.59 MB/sec Iteration 5: 1297.04 MB/sec ----------------------------- Average (R): 1337.78 MB/sec -----------------------------
  5. Awesome matrix...thank you!! One thing that would be really cool to add would be whether each version supports VMXNET3 network adapters :)