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  1. Great guide, all worked for me.. i got DSM 6.23739 no problems. However if i update the DSM version, Synology cannot be found on the network again.. soo i guess i'll have to search for a trick to update.
  2. I gave this a shot and it seemed to work but after going through the find.synology tool, it said the VM had no HD attached.
  3. okay update. i can get to the web assistant. but its a blank screen and does nothing.
  4. Hi there - I did initially set the adapter to e1000 and i tried using http port 5000. Maybe i should try your whole xml just to see if that works? also, how do i create a mac address? just pick something?
  5. I was able to get through all the steps, did the find and it found it. I did the install and after it rebooted.. i can't connect. I see the VM up and running but nothing. I see it on the network,but i cannot connect via web and the finder doesnt find it anymore.. suggestions?
  6. I did a baremetal upgrade to 6.1.3-15152 update-4 and everything came back fine. However I started having intermittent DDNS issues. This could be related more to Synology than to xpenology