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  1. Thanks a lot @aol and @sbv3000. The ram wasn't much of an issue, I was planning to run 2x 4gb in a 4 slot mother board.If I found it to be slow I would add another 2x 4gb. My primary concern was more for the processor. As for the Plex, I found to be a little more "user friendly" for the wife. Although I think I would most probably end up running the native streaming service. The search continues..
  2. Hi All, I have been looking to get a nas server going in my new home and have been browsing the forums for quite some time now. Here are a few of my questions that hopefully you can help me on. I will either pick up a used PC or build my own from scratch. i would most probably run 2 HDDs in mirror aswell My needs are; - Media storage for 2 pc's; Home movies, Pictures etc. - Stream videos from my Samsung smart tv over the network (will be using this on almost weekly purpose - Possibly running plex to streamline the streaming. - Keeping costs somewhat low 200-300$ range My questions are; 1- Does having separate video card help performance for my needs? 2- What sort of hardware; Ram and CPU would be recommended. Any input is appreciated! Cheers