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  1. I switch the PC completely from Core 2 duo to Core i proccessor and the system and the data remain without change, I didn't reinstall the system, it just works in the second PC normally as the first PC
  2. You are amazing, Thank you very much for you efforts! I will try and I hope it will work
  3. Can he use DSM HDD Benchmark instead of dd?
  4. I check the services but didn't help, I want to explain what the problem is: in the Network my NAS appears normally as PC not as Storage device, take a look at this image, the NAS name is BASHAR: But in "This PC", the NAS icon not appears like in the image in the first post, take a look at this image to see that these is not NAS icon in This PC screen: Please note that I can Add my shared folders as network drives, but I want this icon of NAS to appear automaticlly in This PC screen:
  5. I change the network type to private but the problem did not solved
  6. Public network and Network discovery is enabled
  7. First, thank you very much for your information! As I said in my first post, I can access my Nas shared folders normally as network drives and I can ping my NAS and I can access my Nas from //<ip of NAS> but the problem is that the main NAS icon is not appears in Network Locations section of This Computer window, Take a look at this image to see what icon I'm talking about:
  8. It enabled but the icon is still missing The Nas and my PC at the same workgroup but the icon is still missing
  9. Hi, I don't know why my nas not appear at Network locations section of "This Computer", I can add my Nas shared folder as network drives normaly, but my Nas Icon not appear, take a look at this image to see what icon I talk about:
  10. I want to ask about if I can install xpenology on a temporary PC on a 1 Tera Byte HDD and then use the same 1 Tera Byte drive on another PC without formatting it and without installing DSM again, Can I do that? or the xpenology DSM on the HDD will be linked to the first temporary PC?
  11. I'm intersted in Single 1080p transcode, Will be Core 2 Duo T6400 enough for that? Yes like this! Can I use this method with DSM 6.1? I mean is the DSM (GNU/Linux distribution) can know the battery percentage and then I can use this script? and how to do that Thank you guys!
  12. Hi, I have two questions about installing DSM 6.1 on a laptop: 1- Is there a big difference if the laptop have Core i3 2370M CPU vs having Core2 Duo T6400 CPU in overall performance and if I want to use Plex? 2- Is there a trick to know the Battery percentage of the laptop and make it shutdown automatically if the battery percentage decreases to certain level, For example: if the Battery blow 50% it will shutdown automatically? DSM is a GNU/Linux distribution so maybe there is away to do that! What you think guys?!