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  1. But is it slow in both directions. If I copy a file from my DSM share to my Windows VM on the same Host (same storage controller but different drive), it's slow as described (max. 11-13mb/s). But if I copy a file from the same Windows VM to the same DSM share, i get stable 60-70mb/s. There are openvmtools, which you can use on Xpenology, but it's not like the package for windows or linux. There are no drivers inside this package. Only tools to read some information about the VM and to shut it down. The crazy thing is, that it is working perfect in one direction, but abs
  2. Hey guys, I hope anybody can help me, because I've already tried nearly everything. I'm running XPEnology 6.1 Update 4 with Juns Loader 1.02b on a ESXi 6.0 VM. The ESXi Host is a HP Microserver Gen8 and i'm already using the hpvsa-5.5.0-88OEM driver. I've created 3 basic volumes, all on a seperate disk. If i move a file from one disk to another on the DSM interface, the transmission is really quick (more then 100mb/s). If I write a file on one of the shares from a Windows-VM on the same ESXi-Host, it is also quick (about 70mb/s). But if read a file on the SMB share, it starts at 6-