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  1. Well I've just updated to 6.0 and I have sickbeard custom (which is running sick rage) but I just want my old sickbeard back any ideas.
  2. i have a hp micoserver n54l (amd cpu) now someone here tried to update 5.2 to the latest version, which the unit didnt like. So i followed the instructions and now im in a recoverable state loop it says im running 6.0.2-8451 Any ideas
  3. when is the ETA for 2.3 and are u plan on adding upgrade info?
  4. anyway due to a config issue I filled that drive up so need to go in and delete a folder or 2. If it helps it was cause sabsznab downloaded to its default folder which was How would I do this? Cheers
  5. Is there anyway I can set up remote access so I can add torrents using myi iPhone. Cheers
  6. Had any one tried those 8tb drives in a hp microserver if so am I able to replace one drive at a time rebuild then at the end to get the extra space. The drives are archive drives but are great bang for your buck
  7. I have several 50gig files downloading. Open my iPhone synolgy ds download app, it seems to be working fine for hrs. Open it up again tells me I'm downloading at 700kbps but speeds arnt changing, normally it refreshes every 5 seconds or so. So I Look at my resource moniter via my iPhone, it says I'm not downloading at all <5kbs. So I reset my nas then it's fine again for several hrs. Then same issue. I completely close down my ds download app when checking it. It's starting to annoy me, I'm Running dsm5 beta something. ^ that should be a bit better Basicly my downloads
  8. Well I have a hp micro server and just bought a nc360t card giving me 3 ports. Now my xpenology has not had the mac addy or any thing like that changed I d/led it and flashed it. How to I install the drivers for the new nic and bridge all 3 cards? Were do I look to see my link speed? Also were nas is installed there is 2 switches and my router. Am I best to install one network cable in each?
  9. I'm pretty sure it's network related. Think it's running at 100mbit. How do I check/force gigabit connection
  10. I'm running 5.0 if I add another nic will it automaticly work? If not how to I force it to work. Also I've heard u can link nic's how do I do this does it matter if they are not matched? Also what a good budget gigabit nic to grap to work with the hp micro server.
  11. Well my hp micro server is transferring files stupidly slow like 8MB/s with 8tb of files to moves it's taking ages. Is there any way to boost these speeds? I'm thinking a new intel based nic what one do u guys recommended. Also will it automaticly pic it up?
  12. No drammas I tried to click update then manual than chose the beta version from here. But didn't want to work before I got over it and just the pc down.
  13. Looking at a easy way to update. Why can't I do it via dsm. It picks up that there is a update but not game to click download. Cheets
  14. ok i have checked he HDD he one i isnt seeing is the is the mobo's header. I have pluged 3 HDD's in all the same issue. I won' get seen in the storage manager. It does come up wih an error in start up that im prety sure i relates to however i arnt quick enough to read his. Any way to ge teh onboard header working?
  15. HI i have teh latest version runing fine. Bios see 5 drives however xpenology only see's 4. Now before this i had a raid 5 set up in nas4free but after a upgrade it currupted itsself. is there any way to get all my drives back i understand my data is lost but i have a stange feeling one drive has some nas4free files on it and is locking it up. Cheers