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  1. DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 7 ----->ALL OK from the controlpanel ----check
  2. Running esxi 6.5 with jun 1.0.2b DS3617xs on ESXI. I updated within dsm control panel aswell. No problem so far....
  3. Hey! here is a guide you can follow for pass through do you actually have your physical disk connected to a sas controller ? If not you don’t need passthrough for dsm. If you are using virtual discs then just add new hard disk before you can install dsm.
  4. Updated My ds3617xs on Jun1.02b loader. Esxi 6.5 - No problems
  5. Hello imran! how is it going? so if I understand it correctly, you have created new harddrive(in esxi for the vm?) ----for install of dsm? and created existing harddrive for the vmdk file right? do you have a SAS controller with passthrough in esxi or just adding software discs images in esxi for dsm install? regards K
  6. hey again! yes I started all over in ESXI, created a whole new VM. I created Xpenology DSM 6.1.3 where I then uploaded the vmdk file and the boot file. When I turned on the new Vm and I got ip number from the xpenology nas. I then started the synology Assistant and in that I could see the Ip and it had found "dsm 5.2" filesystem on it. Status "migration able" or something like that. I guess the DSM filesystem is stored in the raid somehow? I typed the ip adress of the nas in IE and I came to the promt where to choose install/upgrade/Migrate my xpenology. I choose to kee
  7. Hey! I can write exatly what I did: My hardware: Motherboard supermicro X10SL7-F with xenon E3-1265L, Passthrough SAS controller and I have 8discs. ESXI 6.0 I had dsm 5.2 and wanted the lastest 6.1.3 update 4 edition. I chose to read up on Tutorial: Install/Migrate DSM 5.2 to 6.1.x(juns loader) I downloaded the latest loader 1.02b ds3617. Then I opend the imagefile with OSFmount. edited the grub file like I wanted it to be. saved the changes and unmounted the image. I did not bother the vid/pid becasue im using ESXI.
  8. Hello guys! I have just migrated from dms 5.2 to DSM 6.1.3-15152 update-4 Works perfectly! Im using esxi 6.0. I can reboot my xepnology nas without any problems. running the ds3617xs. Motherboard supermicro X10SL7-F with xenon E3-1265L. Passthrough SAS controller and I have 8discs. regards K
  9. thank you! Yes I will update how I did. one more qquestion. How much ram should I dedicate in esxi for the VM?(xpenology)
  10. Hello! how do I add sata controller in esxi? I dont have that option, when im adding hardware...
  11. Hey Polanskiman! I finally got it to work and with the latest update 4 aswell! now my last issue; why is the 50mb "wmware disc" visible when I look at the disk slots? in dsm 5.2 I know that partition was invisible.... can I hide that partition from dsm?
  12. when I do migrate my xepnology to the ds3717xs it starts installing but after the reboot and counting down 10 minutes.......the IPnumber dissapear from the xepnology. I cant see it in the router or ping it. what am I doing wrong? pleease please hlp me......I have so much stuff I need to get back.
  13. PLESE help! if I use esxi 6.0 Do I still need the usbmemory? pid, vid and all that stuff? I still cant get my xpenology online, please do help me =( or can I reverse back to 5.2 somehow?
  14. Hello! Ok so we take this from the begining. could you please point out what files I need for setting up in esxi? So I have the right ones. I wan to run the latest
  15. Ok Guys! I BEG for help! I had my dsm 5,2 running on my esxi 6 and did work GREAT! now I wanted to try the latest and now I cant get it to work. Please help me: I want to install dsm 6.1.3 on my esxi 6. What am a I doing wrong? When xpenology reboots, im not getting any ip number at all. But first time I boot and I choose migrate it work until reboot. then no ip number again. Im kinda stuck.....PLEASE HELP im so desperate, I have so many things I cant loose in my discs. regards Kim