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  1. Ok, thanks for the quick reply. I previously did have a working set of SN/Mac in my setup. I am now going for a new one that is recognised by Synology as well. Only problem is I can now not seem to find a working DS3615xs SN anymore. And I also cannot seem to get a matching MAC address. Can we use other synology serials for this, or does it not recognise the serial/mac as a valid pair?
  2. Hi there, I've been running XPenology on a HP Gen8 for a few years now and have lately been running into some trouble. As my server was getting very sluggish under 5.2 a few months back, I decided to upgrade to 6.0.x. However, I accidentaly clicked the 'install' button when migrating my new setup, which installed DSM 6.1.x on Jun's 1.02b loader (this was before it was cleared for 6.1.x). I know, very stupid mistake. But my NAS booted without any real issues and seems to be working fine in most ways. Upon startup, I do get the message System internal service [pgsql] failed to start. Please contact Synology Support, although I do not know what issues this may cause. Now the annoying/strange part: while it installs some packages (mail server, web station, storage analyser, etc.), it will not install most of the recommended 'station' packages, like 'Download Station', 'Photo Station' and 'Media Server'. I did a reinstall of the 1.02b loader and loaded a new 6.1 version, but this does not resolve the problem. Has anyone else encountered this problem? I have been trying to find any information that can help me, but have been unsuccesful so far. Thanks for any input/help you can provide me.