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  1. Unlucky I should say none of the playing with bios worked in my case. I guess I will have to try moving the RAID on to a MB in the same sequence and have my fingers crossed it will work.
  2. I have a PC with the follwoing spec Board: Gigabyte P85-D3 Processor: Core i3-4160 If i connect the HDD in the same sequence as the previous build, would I have any luck ?
  3. Board: Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD (rev. 1.0) Processor: AMD AM3 Phenom II OnBoard NIC: Realtek 8111D USB: SanDisk Cruzer 32GB Add-on NICs: Dlink DGE-560T (RTL8139 chipset), Tp-Link TG-3269 (RTL8169SC) I tried to USB on my i3 Processor PC which has a 8169 Chipset, and it booted up and showed in Synology Assistant
  4. I changed my nic yet, its the same now. I am not able to source any Intel NIC as well. A question, would I be able to get the raid back if I was to change to board and processor and connect back the present disks.
  5. Now that i pulled out the USB and tried to insert back the old one, nothing happens. The screen stays ate Loading operating System.., nothing appears on Synology assistant, be it the old USB, new 1.02b or 1.03b loader.
  6. After that it just fails. If I try to migrate of keep files and new settings, it just doesn't go beyond that
  7. I was trying to upgrade from 6.0.2-8451 to 6.1.7-15284. I run the software on an AMD system. However, the upgrade didnt go well and I am faced with a migration screen. Is there any chance to get it working on 6.1.7 or even to return back to 6.0.2
  8. Well, in the end I thought what the heck to loose, so just did an image burn, pluged it and let it run. No ramdisk, vid, pid, mac chnage and surprisingly it showed up. So i uplugged and changed those values, without modify the ramdisk and now i have Xpenology up and running.
  9. I tried both the ramdisks extra8168deac.lzma 3.9 MB!DQxzlDJA!AY0XYDS6ywnlDVPCov0a_nQNfmBhk48xW0i8bNjU04I extra8169deac.lzma 3.9 MB!mIZEGLYb!10ZlXYmpop3GB4GPW_34txiriy4hSYBPPPU5-QgdtBY Still the same. Not able to discover the NAS.
  10. HI I am trying the install on a Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD motherboard, having AMD AM3 Phenom II. The NIC on board are a pair of Realtek 8111D and I have added a PCI TP-Link gigabit network adapter. I selected AMD from menu and it even booted to exactly the same screen as shown in the screenshot but It doesnt appear in or using the Synology Assistant. Any help ?