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  1. Hi I just grab 2 D10 12tb, has DC HC520 inside and SN has warranty on them. Also 3month of XGP each, at normal 12TB my book price as a prime day deal, good luck
  2. It would depend on how the "bad" sectors are created, if it was a pending error, re-initialize the disk would also eliminate them, especially SMR drives. but like @Polanskiman said, don't trust them any more.
  3. Hi, there was a known bug with samba system that it would report root capacity with the *nix systems. But I guess yours' is a little bit confusing. I strongly suspect that you have create all 3 sub-volume on the same volume (presumably you would be using Btrs) Please check the following Check Storage manager, check how many storage pools and volumes you have. If you want to use 3 drive as 3 separate volume, you should have 3 pool and 3 volume Check Control Panel -> Shared Folder, you should have at least 1 shared folder on each volume, it could be chosen when created or be
  4. Yeah, that make sense. But here is the issue, the performance and stability is the good reason to have a seperate storage system as NAS, with containers you would probably lose these two factor ..... I've seen so many container crash while during IO intensive tasks.
  5. sunfishdied

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Yeah, it's supported. Btw if my memories is correct, due to UEFI NIC driver issues, it's prefered that you would use Legacy boot methods instead of UEFI.
  6. sunfishdied

    DSM 6.2 Loader Warning still there lol You can follow the community thread here, seems working with 3615 with no extra lzma
  7. sunfishdied

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Thanks Jun Working Build Upgrade from 6.1: HPE ML350 G6 Baremetal ( E5620 x2, 32G RAM ,144TB Raw, 1.5TB SSD Cache) booting from internal SD slot with X540-T2 & LSI 9260cv-8e & LSI 9200-16e & Renasas USB3 & Dell H310 IT Mode, BCM5715, Intel I210 ALL Working OOB, no extra lzma
  8. Proxmox & xpenology user here, confirm that pci-e passthrough : 40CAD 16 port SATA(9200-16e) working just fine, will not worry about adding HDDs any more lol 6Gbps x 16 card, not top of the tier but if you are using HDDs only, that would be a perfect choice. Passing UPS via USB.
  9. Thanks , you saved my day(s). Copying file over 10gbe at 7.9GB/s now , satisfied